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If you are looking for an awesome way of living a life with dignity and respect, then hold tight.

Yes, the following post will throw open various ways and avenues of how you can actually create a wonderful option for yourself.

Do you know what is the most uncertain thing in today’s scenario? Well, “Life” itself. Although, it is a bitter truth, yet it is the reality of life. You never know what the time has in store for you next. We have been grown up with the shocking news of so many millionaires whose business fallout jeopardized their financial life. We would have even seen some of these cases happening with our own near and dear ones.

Therefore, no body can be certain about his/her own financial life. So what, if there is a natural catastrophe like flood, storm or earth quake and your business crumbled like pack of cards or even man made actions damaged your business? Similarly, you never know when you ended up with a deadly accident and there is a financial instability in your ever growing company which shockingly resulted in death knell of your company with your demise.

My own idea of writing the post is not to scare you but to give a sense of warning so that you bravely face some of the bitterest realities of life in a fool proof manner.

You should be smart enough in gearing up for those emergency situations. There can’t be a better way to prepare for such sort of situations than by creating an emergency fund.

Hence, now I am going to tell you 4 ways to start your emergency fund

Emergency fund can only be created if you are smart enough in taking out a space for saving from the (already) tight monthly budget

Don’t compromise over you “saving” process

We are living a life of hallucination since we feel that it will be next to possible for us to save money with the limited budget which we already have. However, if you are really serious, then you will at least take a look at the broad picture. After all, we can’t start with saving, unless and until we are really serious. Take little steps at a time and all will be fine for sure as it is one of the important ways to start your emergency fund.

Write down on your diary (which you normally use, or pin it down on the cupboard) etc that you have to take out “x’ amount of money on monthly basis as a part of savings. One of the easiest ways to save is to limit your weekend party to once in a fortnight, or even better if you do it one in a month as it will help you save.

Ask yourself

The best answer you will get in your quest of saving money is by asking yourself

  • What will I do, if I happen to loose my job?
  • How will my spouse cope up with the sudden illness or how will the future of my children shape without money?

It is these real-life and most important questions which will naturally instill a sense of fear in yourself and you will be able to give a serious look. Since, it is said that self-introspection do wonders and as you feel challenged to get answers from within, you will eventually be forced to start saving for your emergency fund as well.

You can make arrangements of watching movies right in your home or your friend’s home, rather than going for watching movie outside. This will save a lot as a part of individual tickets. Isn’t it? It is important to make conscious decisions and by doing so, you don’t have to fight with yourself in the process as well.

Regularly revise your goals on weekly basis

Another way to start your emergency fund is to start saving by setting small target. So, in the beginning try setting a goal for yourself of saving on weekly basis. Since, the target is small, you will better be able to work on them. It has its psychological effect.

If you are in debt, then the most obvious and prominent excuse which you will give in not having an emergency fund is that you are already paying the money of debt. However, even here you have to make suitable arrangements. In the event when you come across with a financial emergency, then in the absence of cash you will be forced to take loan with high interest which might even lead you to bankruptcy. Therefore, make plans to have an emergency fund which should comprise of at least three months of your salary and you should take steps for setting up the same on priority bases as well. In the process, you should equally make arrangements for paying off your debt too.


The reason why these ways can be termed as “easily attainable” because you can immediately adopt them (in order to take out savings) from your monthly limited budget. Therefore, show the true spirit of being successful by gearing up for such emergency situations and let your near and near ones live a life of ease and comfort. After all, you don’t want them to suffer because of your carelessness. So, ensure a life of prosperity, ease and jubilation by following the above 4 ways to start your emergency fund.

Hopefully, the post will assist you to be more cautious and carefully and take life with a charming prospective and zeal.


Covid 19:- India all set to lose 130 million jobs

  • Can anyone believe the staggering figure of 130 million as people are going to lose jobs of this stature?
  • Do you feel that the most challenging and truely testing financially difficult times have arrived?
  • Are you open towards finding different opportunities to get back to your financially secure future?
  • Are you really in a fix and skeptical whether you will be able to get another job or not?

Well, before moving further, I don’t mean to threaten you, it is just a piece of warning, that everything is not right.

After all, 130 million job layoffs are going to be the reality in India, due to Covid 19 epidemic while 40% jobs will relate to “Blue Collared” ones

There has been confirmation of more than 3 lakh Covid 19 related cases in India and it is only set to rise further.

Talking about the total number of deaths, it amounts to roughly 9000 due to the virus.

States where Covid 19 cases are the highest are in the form of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi and of course Uttar Pradesh

Of course the issue of “Working Capital” is going to loom large as industries don’t have the same in the current scenario

The situation is becoming highly toxic for those who pay their EMI and loan

Following are the sectors which are facing the highest job losses

  • Automobile
  • Aviation
  • Food
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Entertainment

Following are the sectors which are doing exceptionally well despite the crisis

Expert believe that industries in the form of healthcare etc are doing exceptionally well and there will be increasing numbers of job opportunities in the times to come

They are as follows;-

  • IT services
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • E-commerce
  • Essential Retail

Thanks to the subsequent Unlocks, following are the industries which are trying to pick up

Yes, these industries will begin the process of opening

  • Retail Industry
  • Jewelry Industry

Regarding the current scenario which is happening right now, many of you have queries regarding India’s GDP growth

Well, experts believe that it won’t be more than 1.0-1.5%

This is due to the fact that there has been shortage of the following:-

Working Capital

Lack of laborers

Hence, considering the scenario, there is going to be a negative growth with industries this time of the year


Golden works of women in the history

Guest Post by Sheikh Nizam from Dubai

Golden works of women in the history of Islam

Like other religions, Islam has also laid down the foundation of such a tradition where women have got full respect and enjoy all the basic rights and every member of the society relishes and plays an active role.

As a result, in the Islamic society, women with the given rights laid down in Islam have played their active role in the administrative areas with regards to both the society and community and became the reason for the development of the society.

They presented live, clear, active and perfect examples of the role of women both in National and International arena.

Firstly, it is Islam which has given the right to vote. For example, the second Caliph has constituted an executive committee and nominated Hazrat Abdurrehman Bin Auf as the Chief Election Commissioner. Women played an active role in this election and it marked the first such example in the history where information was derived by going to everybody’s house. As a result, based on majority, Hazrat Usman Gani was adjudged as the third Saliph. Whereas, sadly in today’s world, the credit for politically assembling women is often laid on the head of West. Although, reality is totally different.

The right of representation in the Parliament

The Caliphas of Islam worked on the golden Democratic theories as given by or Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Caliph Hazrat Umar (R.A) was moving from home to home in the holy city of Munavvarah for addressing the problems of people. He heard the shout of a woman as she was crying for her husband who had gone for Jihad and was away for sufficiently long time. The whole exercise made him in tension, he returned home and hold talks with daughter Hazrat Bibi Hafsa who was also the wife of Prophet (S.A.W). Hence, it was decided that a husband would at the most remain away for as long as 4 months. Or else, women have the right that she can ask for justice from Qazi. This clearly proves that the representation of women as a political advisor in council was already laid down.

During the initial stages of attaining prophet hood, our Prophet (S.A.W) used to discuss with Hazrat Bibi Khadeeja (first wife of prophet). Her character is a source of enlightenment for all of us. During the occasion of Suleh Hurdetiya, the prophet (S.A.W) had a discussion with wife Umme Salma. The prophet used to discuss with Hazrat Bibi Ayesha (R.A) and daughter Hazrat Bibi Fatima (s.A). This goes on to show the tradition of including able women.

I would like to give an example of one more occasion when women used to actively participate in the government or “Majlise Shoora”. where Hazrat Umar Farookh (R.A), second caliph took advice from Kajlise Shoora for finalizing the Maher amount. Then at the moment a women Sahabiya (R.A) expressed his dissent over the bill of Maher, and clearly said that he doesn’t have the right to finalise the Maher bill. Since, it is the commandment of Allah, that the husband according to his financial status, will decide on the Maher amount along with food, clothes and house. Hazrat Umar has taken back the bill. This clearly proves that there is no difference of gender in Islam. Likewise, male and female enjoy equal rights in doing good deeds and participate equally in the development.

Page – 16

We get a directive of constitutional and un-constitutional norms in the Islamic state that whether it is the matter of presenting a bill or views with the own members or opposition and taking back. This clearly proves that the bill can be made a law with the majority of vote and it creates a healthy and strong constitution as well.

How my English skills has given me “Name”-“Fame” & “Money”- Practical Tips

This post is for those who may be required to write frequent English related content either in school, college or office etc.

In the growing years of my life as a student my English was pathetic and hearing the word English used to give me shiver and anxiety. In the school, I often prayed that my English teacher be absent, so that I don’t have to study it on a particular day. My main reason of hating this subject was the length of time it used to take especially while learning long list of answers. I could not understand the meaning of those sentences so I had no option but to mug-up.

What are the hard skills and soft skills I should develop in myself

Why does a fluent English speaker inspire us?

This exercise of mine used to take hours together just to learn few small answers. Also, there was no guarantee that I may be able to write them exactly like the way I have learnt because being an English subject I had to be very careful as even a small error such as issue of grammar etc deducted my marks.

Now, the biggest disadvantage in the process which I faced was firstly preparing for the specific subject which took a lot of time and in spite of working very hard, I could not even manage to get qualifying marks. This phase could have seriously affected me as well however by this time I have realized the root cause of my problem

Why inspite of knowing English, I am not getting confidence to speak?

Now I am going to tell you about the transformation in myself through the same subject which was once my weakness has become my strength

I finally listened to my parents who have been ordering me to study from an English tutor. Luckily, I could not expect any better help then my own cousin who really helped me polishing my English writing skills. I knew where I have to put my efforts and that was on “
writing”. I knew that the root cause of problem so I told my tutor about my exact concern and issue and he advised me to write “one” letter and essay each on daily, he also enquired about my knowledge of tenses which I hardly knew, so he explained me in detail and this is how my journey of polishing my skills started. There was no looking back.

You won’t believe that initially I was writing 5-6 pages of content on daily basis just to show him and he rectified my mistakes and this is how it started building my confidence as I removed my mistakes.

I followed this practice religiously for 2 months especially during summer vacations. After that as I further built up on my confidence, I also started watching English news. Now you will be surprised to know that the moment, I used to switch on my television it has to be English news. Even 10 years back, electronic media was there in full force. So I started watching different media channels. While watching, I had my pen and paper handy and on finding any new word which I did not know the meaning of, I used to write on paper and then after consulting from dictionary, I used to memorize it and also make 5 sentences out of it and show to my cousin who has been a great teacher to me.

Likewise, I was watching English news and reading English newspaper which really helped me a lot simultaneously.

So those of you who may require to write lots of English related content I have following advise to give based on my experiences over the years

Make a habit of writing anything which you know about. It can be any topic or any favorite program or about any incident.

In the end what matters is how well you can write and explain yourself. Your job as a writer can only be accomplished when you keep on writing as you will know your mistakes and you will start building on them.

Yes when you do, refer someone who actually can help you out in solving your queries

Finally, the main reason for writing this post is to give you an insight about how I polished my writing skills and how you can too.

How I polished my English writing skills and how you can too

How I polished my English writing skills and how you can too

List of important queries to prepare from before during interview


(Updated) How Artists Can Use Social Media To Connect With Fans

Hi Everyone,

The following post is about advising you few tips and suggestions to help you get a hold of it so that you can follow on the same right from January, 2018.

Yes, this is important as the article relates to addressing quite a prominent and frequent problem being plagued by people and unfortunately, till now, now any solution has been unearthed out of it.

Hence, in order to create a sense of togetherness and to help fellow bloggers, I am writing this post as a way of gesture so that you can actually help yourself, like the way I did.

Yes, the whole post is an experience which I am sharing. So stay tuned:-

Life is all about how much you develop a control over your emotions as it is a prime necessity in order to lead a life of maturity, seriousness and intelligence. However, there are often the times when inspite of trying too much, we give in to the temptation. For example, you switched on your television to watch news for few minutes. Now, while changing your channels you come across any interesting program or movie which has just started and is going to take another 2 hours. Will you give in to this sudden enjoyment? I believe that most of us would do.

Similarly, there are so many other cases, like you got a call from your friend who is persuading you to accompany him for a party. You have no chance but to go with him as well since you are emotionally swayed as well. Being a blogger, now the post which you were about to write, took a back seat. It won’t be finished in the appropriate time for sure. More so as you are in a fix and you know that it was very important to publish it and stress grips you.

However, now you don’t have to worry in any way. The following post helps you to overcome such challenging times without damaging your credibility as a blogger. Let’s find out how.

Have posts as a backup

Yes, it is important to have backup of the post. You need to write more since it is a sure cut way of making sure that in the event when you don’t have much time, you can compensate by publishing those posts. This will help you to continue with your daily blogging life without being subjected to stress.

Make wise use of the time

Blogging entails you to do various sorts of work like moderating comments, reading feeds, checking stats etc and smartness lies in the fact when you budget the exercise. How? Well, you can allocate a specific time for all of them and this will ease you as well. Isn’t it great?

Have ideas handy

If you already have too many ideas prior to writing a post, then your task of writing a great and informative post won’t be difficult any more. You just have to write the post as the thoughts are already there. You just need to give a practical touch to those creative ideas of yours. It will have dual benefit.

  • You will ensure a creative and interesting post
  • You will save a big chunk of your time as well which you can either use for other constructive work or you can write greater number of posts in a given time as well. Isn’t it great?
Set the time to publish your post

According to your convenience you can decide as to when you want to publish the post. You just need to open the “Post Timestamp” and go to “timestamp” box where you can set the desired date and time for the post to be public and now as you hit “Publish” button it is going to be live at the selected time. You just need to match whether the time of the wordpress matches with your local time or not since this is important. Hence, finally look that the posts are set to auto-post on mentioned date and time, to be sure that all is done well. Isn’t it great?

Finally, you can heave a sigh of relief and satisfaction that with the onset of 2018, you can surely create a sense of awesomeness for yourself, by being motivated,happy, cheerful and gay. Yes, that’s very important for you to lead a life of dignity and pride. It is going to surely work wonders for you, like the way it has done for others and you will feel really satisfied and happy owing to the same as well.

So, let’s welcome the New Year, 2018 with all the more excitement as you know that you have armed yourself with the much needed happiness and those things which assist you to keep yourself motivated as well.


How to get away with debt fast in 2020 during Covid 19? 5 tips

Debt it seems becoming quite a serious concern and it is being seen as a curse on the people who faces it. Yes, hence, considering the enormity of the situation, it is very important to take out a fool-proof and safe mechanism which can actually help you to get out of its mayhem and to lead a life with pride, away from all sorts of tensions and worries. Yes, that’s important.

Hence, stay tuned and read the post for more:-

Holidays are fun

They are exciting

We enjoy a lot

After all, holidays are the most coveted, important and happiest times in the lives of individuals as we eagerly wait for celebrating them in the best possible manner. They act as a way of refreshing and rejuvenating our dull and monotonous lives from the worldly tensions and we dearly need a break from these on periodical basis. But, in the ongoing temptation we sometimes couldn’t keep track of our finances and by the time we realize, it is too late and we are already in a huge holiday debt.

The electrifying happiness and the mind-blowing excitement which you were having at the time of spending your holidays have finally given way to tensions and worries. You have to derive timely ways towards turning the table in your favor or else the ugly situation will eventually turn from bad to worse.

Now, what to do?

Are you looking for the easiest ways to get out of holiday debt fast?

Well, you have to religiously follow the below post since you will be knowing the top ways to get out of holiday debt fast. These are some of the most genuine, tested and sure-cut tips which help in your quest of leading a financially independent life.

Calculate your debt

Make a ground work of ascertaining the exact debt which you owe from the holidays. Assess the detailed scenario as this is an important exercise to make way for deriving ways to get out of the same.

Prioritize paying the debt

You have to make sure that paying off the debt has to be your top most priority. Earlier the better and whatever extra money you have, should immediately be spent towards cutting short the damage, or else it will snowball into a major financial catastrophe.

Pay maximum

Make the maximum payment on monthly basis which you are going to save from such acts and finish off the debt.

Return back your unused purchases

It is a human psychology, that we tend to spend our holidays in a grand style and we make a detailed list of preparations in the process as well. So, in the event if you have left with unused items or purchased few of the gift items (which you earlier intended to give to your spouse or friends) but is unused, then it is better to return them and ease your finances ever further.

Derive ways to save money

You have recently been on a holiday and that it is beyond doubt that you have a great time in having the best of cuisines; you have seen mind-blowing sightseeing apart from entertaining yourself at the best of music. In short, you are fresh with mind, body and soul. Now, refrain from going to discotheque, movies for entertainment or those expensive restaurants where you normally plan a trip once in a week. Live a simple life for months together to come, till the time you are done with paying the debt since as it is said already you should set your priority towards paying debt first. (which you can easily do)

Finally, aforesaid are the top ways to get out of holiday debt fast. These tips help you in your quest of paying the debt in a speedy manner. Thereby, you will lessen the risk of paying late fees as well. After all, the word “Debt” can make any body shudder as it may even result in various sleepless nights. My idea of telling you the tips is to help you normalize your day to day life so that you don’t have to worry even an inch in your daily dealing.

One more thing, as the saying goes “We should learn from our past mistakes” so the next time you are planning to go on a holiday, don’t get emotionally swayed since, it is better to be “safe” than” sorry”. Isn’t it?


We hope, that the aforesaid post has done its bit to help you find ways and methods to create a sense of happiness and jubilation, so that you are able to create a better way for yourself in moving out of the complex and challenging problems. Yes, now, that the year is almost to close, so take a NEW YEAR resolution, that you won;t prefer or encourage yourself in taking debt as well. Hope, all of guys enjoyed reading the post, as much as I have, writing it.

See you soon, Bye and Take Care


The big business of Facebook likes – Every thing you want to know about them (Updated)

You must have seen bloggers asking for specific number of Facebook likes in exchange for money. After all, it is a common feature where great numbers of people want to buy likes in order to give requisite exposure to their blogs.

So, who creates likes for them?

This post is regarding the big business which is being done by the people behind the scene who are creating the likes in the pages for such bloggers. While reading the following article, you will surely know some of the startling facts which you would not have heard before.

(These queries are basically put forth to a lad of 21 and a Bachelor of Arts graduate namely Suraj who indulges in generating likes)

How are likes created?

Page owners in the pursuit of getting increasing number of likes go through the big pages such as those concerning with that of celebrities etc who have great number of followers. They then comment on their pages where they write various taglines in order to attract people such “add me for a free share and follow me if you are blocked” kind of comments which is then followed by “message me when done” etc The more you share your posts and content amongst the Facebook pages, the better it will be for you since it will give due exposure to your blog as others will see it on a large scale.

Now, when the pages get requisite exposure, different page owners through the facility of “Share for share” create likes for each other.

So, what is “Share for Share”?

It is basically an exercise where page owners mutually decide on giving certain number of likes to each other. Since, every one wants to generate likes for registering greater popularity. Isn’t it?

For example, two page owners with 1,000 and 1,500 like page mutually decide to create 100 likes as a part of “share for share” program. This in turn, they manage to get 1,100 and 1,600 likes respectively.

Are these permanent likes?

Absolutely, yes these likes are permanent and it is important to use them on periodical basis or else they become inactive. Since, in that case, these likes will purely be considered just for show off as they will not have any sort of relevance. However, on the other hand as you habitually share content which interests your readers, your posts have far more potential of striking the chord of audience. Hence, as a result others are surely going to share as well as comment on your post. This will in turn increase your likes for sure.

How many likes can u arrange in a day?

There is no fixed number of the likes which you generate. It depends on the popularity of your blog as well as the timing. Since a big chunk of the likes are US based, therefore the Indian Standard Timing from 3:00 till 6:00 am stands out to be quite crucial. This is the time when the users are the most active there and one can easily generate roughly 500-1000 likes just by posting and commenting. If you do take help of “Share for share” then the figure can surely double as well or it can be even more to an extent.

What are the things which help in generating the likes in terms of posts or comments?

One generates “likes” through both “comments” and “posts” provided they are interesting. The posts which are related with “racism” and “bullying” invite the biggest numbers of likes since these are the concerns which are highly prevalent in the world. Other than that, the posts which are directly related with the real life incidents such as

“When I say I will not tell any body, my best friend does not count”


Getting home and you looked in the mirror only to realize that you looked like that all the day”

equally gather lots of eye balls too.

How much you earn in return to selling those likes?

It purely depends on the dealings which happen between buyers and sellers. However, the generate rate is as follows

1000 Likes = INR300 (6$)

10,000 Likes = INR3000 (60$)

100,000 Likes = INR30,000 (600$)

1Million Likes = INR300,000 (6000$)

Other than that what equally matters is the facility of “talking about” since if it is more then it signals the popularity of the blog.

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So, what is talking about?

“Talking about” as the name indicates refer to the extent of comments and share which a certain post receives either directly by immediate friends or with “friends of friends”.

If your page has roughly 50, 0000 likes and its “taking about” is 1 million, then it clearly implies a healthy figure of the page. It usually attains a figure between INR 20,000 (400$) and 25,000 (500$). In the event when the “talking about” is less and your page has greater likes, then it is termed to be an “inactive” page”.

Do you want to tell any thing more which readers do not know?

Besides indulging in buying and selling, there are other business which people indulge in as well. Like various people promote their blogs through popular pages. There are few sites which pay you for sharing their advertisements.

Word of Caution

However, one needs to be cautious while dealing online owing to rising cases of scams as many scammers are bringing the bad name to the whole fraternity. They resort to unethical and unwanted means towards duping people.

There are prominent two scams which are going on:-

There are fraudsters who in spite of showing the pages with numbers of likes, sell the one with comparably lesser number of likes.
People with evil intentions, post the screen shot of the PayPal account with high amount only to garner the belief of buyers of the pages. The moment they get their pages transferred, they block the person.
Hence, one should be cautious on such front.


(Updated) How to write a tribute speech for a teacher?

  • Do the visuals of teachers holding your ears tight and taking all the way to a hot sunny playground as a mark of punishment for being too talkative in class?
  • Do you still remember the days when the teacher may have thrown a flowery vase made of cumboard at you just for being too naughty in the class?
  • Isn’t the memory of your teacher fresh where he has patted you for scoring the highest marks in class?
  • Have you ever presented yourself as the culprit on being asked as to who made the funny noise in the class (just to save your friend)?

Well, I can go on sharing similar incidents which reminds me of my immense attachment, love and camaraderie with the teachers in different classes.

There has obviously been hidden love, even in their punishment and now I realise that how much of that, was really essential to make me a better human being and an individual

Well, this letter is regards to giving a tribute for all the teacher who either have taught me or not.

After all,. teacher is the reason why students become great personalities professionally.

Yes, she is the one who creates a favorable environment for the tiny tot to remain away from home.

Indeed, “school” becomes the first “new home” for the kid right in the initial three years and it continues to remain till the student actually completes his studies.

The relationship with a teacher is one of the most emotional ones. Yes, right from going extra mile to give comfort and passion for the kid who is missing his parents to teaching him ways to hold the pen, I am really blessed to have a teacher who continued to mould me what I am today

Luckily, as luck would have it, she subsequently got promoted to classes and she was with me for full ten years.

She has been a mother like figure for me who was certainly more than a teacher. Her care for every student especially during games was noteworthy. She made sure that the kids potentially get the best love away from home

Well, “Schools” have always been a source of inspiration which taught me to become independent and my English Teacher simply increased my passion for studies through warmth and care

I doubt, if my studies and childhood days would have been equally interesting, with her


How to increase height after 18 in 2020- Science based workouts

How to increase height after 18 or 21 naturally with exercises
How to increase height by yoga? Or how to increase height naturally or even how to increase height after 18, 21 or 25 well, that’s been million dollar queries not just being searched online, but also asked to experts/acquaintances.

Yes, height increase exercises when followed diligently have their own worth and systematically creates an awesome scenario. Usually, in our endeavour of increase height quickly, we don’t realise, that obesity has its own hurdles. Hence, it is imperative to know how to lose weight fast at home. Since, there are remedial measures which due to their natural characteristics have far greater significance. So, if you want to know with-loss methods with lemon, then that relates to additional benefit in checking the growing weight as well. Similarly, we should inculcate the habit of possessing lots of patience, as our height has certain limitations, once the internal bones stops growing. Yes, as we know, that there is a limit to the growth of bones. Boys experience an increase height quickly during their peak growth time, which is 13-14 years, while for girls, it is slightly lower at 11-12 years.
Now, with regards to how to increase height naturally, you need to understand, that a big aspect of growth lies towards doing certain practical tips such as stretching your spine which helps to improve your posture. Especially, as we can’t make our bones grow through exercise, so the only smart decision and step is to enhance the overall body posture with an enhanced flexible spine.

As part of how to increase height naturally, such a medium can fetch you maximum height which will give others a taller view. Likewise, if you have a bulky face, then you should know how to lose face fast fast in a week for the obvious reason, that your core agenda of increasing height is to have an awesome personality which will get its boost by having a presentable face as well.

Now, let’s quickly get back down to how to increase height naturally tips:-

So, how does Yoga and Pilates actually work?
Well, through stretches, they create a longer and learner look and lengthening the back and neck muscles while loosening the chest muscles at the same time.

  1. Exercise with Mountain Pose namely Tadasana

A mountain pose is the one which has got its similarity with that of a mountain’s image. While standing erect, your spine needs to be stretched and that can be done as you hold yourself with your chest wide open. It is important to remove any sort of stiffness as it is an important exercise with regards to how to increase height by yoga. The more you will be in a relaxed state, better it is going to be for you. Make sure you are comfortable at the parts of your shoulder and balance them. Yes, they should neither droop or lean backwards. Hence, maintaining a “tall posture” while standing creates a marked difference in your height over a period of time.

In case your obesity doesn’t permit you to stand for long, then you need to also read the following post

Home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise – Get flat stomach guaranteed

How to increase height by Yoga

How to perform Tadasana
• Stand strait by maintaining a little gap between feet
• Take a deep breath and raise your arms up
• Now, interlock your fingers high above itself with the erect hands
• Now, slowly bend down right all the way to your toes without disturbing your (interlinked) position and raise your heels along the way

2. Pelvic Shift Exercise

Such an exercise directly creates a growth mechanism by stretching the muscle right on the areas of abdomen, spine, thigh and calf muscles which naturally work towards enhancing your height as well.

How to do Pelvic Shift Exercise
• Lie on your back side flat on ground with your knees bent with your hands relaxed on either side (as depicted in the image 1)
• Now, take charge of those relaxed hands and exert pressure of your body to rise up
• You naturally feel strain and pressure on your pelvic and leg muscles
• It creates a stretched body right down the pelvic and spinal cord by practicing you to hold the spinalcord erect.

3. Cobra stretch exercise

This exercise targets your shoulder, spine as well as neck muscles by making them comfortable and removes stress and in this way, they are strengthened as well. Well, you are surely going to get the answer to your basic query of how to increase height by yoga, Since, it helps to strengthen as well as lengthen the upper body where you will yourself experience few inches growth too.

How to do Cobra stretch exercise
• Position your hands palm below your shoulder right on the ground
• Straighten your hands and lift your chest up
• Straighten and lengthen your abdominal

4. Triangle Pose Exercise

The exercise helps to stretch and strengthen hamstring, spine, groin, calves and hips area.

How to perform the exercise?
• Well, stand in the way where the distance of your feet be 4 feets.
• Make your right foot in a 90 degrees angle while turn your left one in 15 degrees.
• Bend yourself to right from hips by touching right ankle from your right hand while straighten your left hand in the air.
• Let be straight and firm from both the hands.
• Perform this exercise for 30-35 seconds and repeat the process again.

5. Kicking Exercise – Height increase exercises

Before you dwelve deep in doing the following exercise as part of how to increase height naturally, remember, to take an instructor’s assistance.
How to do Kicking Exercise

• Start with initial short kicks and soon make them longer and higher (only upon understanding the technicalities). It is suggested by experts, that you need to equally warm up before, resorting to this exercise for avoiding muscle issues.

• Make sure that you have full control on your body while you do kicks

6. Skipping Exercise

Girls love and so do boys as well. Now, with regards to your main aim of how to increase height naturally, resort to this high-intensity workout to stretch muscles and ligament of your body.

How to do Skipping Exercise

• Stand erect with your feet apart running in line with your shoulders with a rope on both hands
• In line with the mechanism of the digit eight, move your body from right shoulders to left hip and then from left shoulder to right hip
• While you skip or jump, do shift your weight from right to left foot as part of the beauty of this exercise, while makes you energetic, fresh and awesome

7. Table stretch exercise

How to do Table Stretch Exercise

  • Sit with straight legs as wide as you can possibly do
  • Your hands to be placed neat the buttocks
  • Slowly but steadily move your head backward, again, as much as you can do in your capacity
  • Maintain the straightness and firmness of your hands and lift your butt along with the knees in such a fashion that your whole leg (your thights and torso remain in line with the ground) runs parallel to the ground.
  • The position of your hands and shin will be as such , that they will be perpendicular to the surface, giving the impression of at table
  • Hold on such a position for 15-20 minutes and repeat again

8. “After-Shower” Exercise

Just while you are done taking shower, stretch yourself, as your muscles are warm utilize this opportunity to walk for 5-6 minutes and shake arms and legs to release any sort off stiffness or tensions so that they may losen up and you may feel more comfortable.
How to perform “After-Shower” Exercise
• Raise your one hand above and aim for reaching the sky and stretch your whole one side of the body, as maximum as you possibly can, right from your toes.
• Repeat the same for the other side of body and perform exactly 4-5 times

9. Ensure home exercise

With the rising and advancing age, especially after adolescence, chances to become taller has its own peculiarities, however, exercises in the form of Yoga and Pilates have come as a boon which really creates a taller impression by improving your posture.

Resort to a home exercise where you take due help through Yoga. Yes, your primary aim should be to strengthen your spine and limbs so that your body gets due alignment. One of the easiest how to increase height after 18, 21, or 25 tips is to start developing the habit of standing erect and maintain a “strain-free” shoulder area. Yes, it should be relaxed and you need to feel comfortable from the sides, as it work wonders.

10. Make use of certified Yoga Instructor

Reaching out to an experienced and certified istructoor may well help you get the solution for your query how to increase height after 30 tips.
You need to know that most of us in our quest, aim and desire to lose weight fast resort to supplements, or doing chin up exercises (by hanging) little realizing that there is no scientific evidence of the same.

A word of caution

  1. Refrain from doing this exercise, if you are a beginner as it has to be performed under the supervision of an expert for preventing any injury. As part of how to increase height before 18, this method proves to be quite a beneficial, noteworthy and healthy one for ensuring height gain. You can perform the exercise, by sitting on floor and stretching your legs.
  2. Don’t ever think of resorting to painful, experiencing and unhealthy surgery to create your bones stronger. Yes, you will end up losing both your priceless health as well as money with no looking back or time to remorse.

Exercises alone won’t be sufficient to address your basic query of how to increase your height after 18, 21 or 25, following are the recommended foods which you need to have:-
• Soyabean
• Egg
• Chicken
• Banana
• Dairy Products (such as milk and cake)
• Leafy Green vegetables
• Oatmeal
• Nuts and Seeds
• Fish
• Ashwagandha

Tip to Adhere
It is highly important to perform the aforesaid exercise on a non-slipper mat or carpet. Avoid wearing socks which may enhance your chance of slipping and cause injury hence forth. In the initial stages, when you encounter, problems or difficulty balancing yourself, then take the help of a support of a strong surface. Yes, avoid taking the support of hinges etc which may well come out due to your body force.

Final thoughts

Finally, a great personality is worth the million. People with good heights naturally have greater level of confidence, provided that they don’t have a plus size body. So, if you are overweight, then you shouldn’t wait to know how to lose weight fast naturally, as the detailed post will assist you in knowing the best solutions to lose weight naturally. It has been seen on may different occasions, that even if the person has lost weight fast from the body, but when it comes to doing the same from the face, then they face problems. Well, in that case, you should know how to rid of chubby wheeks naturally. The post has been explained with detailed answer to help you get started right way. Yes, you will be able to make a pleasant difference in your personality with the most exotic face in town for sure.


Top 4 ways by which bloggers can learn “more” from doctors during Covid 19

Doctors are regarded to be next to “God”, owing to their immense contribution in the society. Don’t we go to doctors the moment some one in our family becomes ill or if there is an unfortunate accident any where? Yes, we do. Isn’t it? In spite of holding such an important and responsible post, they are equally known for being humble. This just goes on to show the kind of exemplary nature they possess. The best thing is that as a blogger, you can actually learn a lot of things from doctors, more so during Covid 19. After all, it is going to be honor for the bloggers to be inspired from such a wonderful fraternity on earth. Isn’t it? Hence, while reading the following article, you will know the ways by which bloggers can learn from doctors:-

Doctors are always patient

It is indeed a proud moment for the bloggers to actually get inspiration from one of the most respected people in our society. Isn’t it? You would not have seen doctors venting anger on patients for sure. Isn’t it? You need to adopt the same thing, while dealing with your visitors. Since, what patients are for doctors, visitors are for you as bloggers. You will loose your significance in their absence. Therefore, it is important for you to deal with them patiently since it gives the best reason for you to showcase your true capabilities by equally giving others enough reasons to appreciate you as a person.

Doctors are unbiased towards their patients

Have you ever seen a doctor being biased towards their patients? Not for sure. Since, they know the immense importance of loving as well as looking after each and every patient on the same lines. Same should be the case with bloggers who can’t afford to distinguish between their visitors. Bloggers should equally make a point of responding to each one of them without being biased.

Motivational words of doctors give soothing affect to patients

It is true that half the illness of patients goes away with the wind, the moment doctors motivate them. This is the most important trait which work wonders since psychological effect equally matters a lot when it comes to recuperating from illness. On the same lines, as bloggers you should equally motivate your visitors by replying to their messages in an inspiring and complete way so that they are again motivated to come on regular basis. This exercise of yours is surely going to inspire others who will equally come in large numbers as well.

Doctors are equally punctual

How can you overlook the importance of time which plays an important part in their lives? They have been studious in their initial days while being students and now after being full fledged doctors, they follow the same practice owing to its utility. Since, without respecting time, it would have been difficult for them to pass various examinations with flying colors which made them reach at such a respectable position. Isn’t it? Bloggers should learn from this trait of doctors and they should be serious enough towards giving requisite amount of time on periodical basis to boost their career too.


(Updated) 13 tips to be fearless during Covid 19 epidemic

Hi everyone!!!!! Hope are you doing great (Say with a motivated smile

I am sure you would be driving ways to combat the pressure and tension arising out of covid-19

Well, in the online world, getting news from far and wide is no challenge as we keep on hearing the rising cases of Covid 19, how people are succumbing to the epidemic.

Yes, it is true that we end to panic due to such testing times where our known person may have tested positive and is currently recuperating. However, videos of people dying at an alarming proportion across the world are no less than a “shocker”. What’s even more is the denial of locals to not bury the “Covid 19 affected patients”.

In short, all of us are surrounded with disturbing news and we are in anxiety and panic mode, and we may tend to do things which we don’t consider it to be normal under ordinary circumstances

Knowing the relevance of Lockdown

“Lockdown” is a way to check the growing menace of the epidemic. Yes, since we as humans limit seeing each other, so the chances of transportation of virus goes down. This entails us to do the following:-

Going out for some emergency or budding essentials like vegetables, milk, medicines etc

Limiting the number of visits which we do outside by strategizing to purchasing commodities at one go

In order to be at a safer position, you should knowing the list of health related facilities nearby who treats patients arising out of Covid 19,

Things to do during “Home Isolation”

Didn’t we use to complain that we hardly get time to work from home?

Hadn’t we whined about how we dearly long for a holiday, so that we can spend time with family?

Well, I am sure, most of us would have done. Now, when we are actually getting so much of time to be at home and family, we are still complaining. Yes, it is understandable, that during such testing times, we do have to be positive and motivated. Following are the list of things which we can following as part of “Home Isolation”

  • Reading your favorite books
  • Doing things which we have grown up as part of our hobby, like drawing, painting etc
  • Make your time in “Home Isolation” as constructive by learning new skills and professionally cement your career
  • Start imparting your duties online as there are sites where you can register and sell your services
  • Remain health and fit; try to keep your belly in check with exercises right at the comforts of your home
  • Always come forth to help others at these challenging times, especially take care of elderly and children with medicines
  • For parents it is important to help your children grow in a new environment where they need to learn the following:-
  • They should learn the skills of what “Being Responsible” really means. For example, involve them in “house-hold” chores. It can be a small task of washing one little spoon after meal. But it will give instill in them where they will know that Yes, I have to make surroundings clean.
  • Help them learn new skills as well

Believe only on facts, refrain from rumors

Do you know the best way to remain calm and composed?

Have we ever found the reason why few people remain “calmer” and “motivated” than us even during epidemic?

Well, they only believe in “Reality”. Yes, the moment you will be like them and stop believing on “Rumors”, you will naturally be calmer and composed in your approach as well.

Talking about the case of Covid 19, never do the following:-

Never believe in sensational news on social media which may affect you mentally

Always believe in the news coming out of a reliable source

Never shy away from trying new things

Yes, that’s the best mantra for a constructive and positive approach and to lead a life which is full of awesomeness, dignity, respect and being faithful to your family members and when the office resumes, you know that how well you have to gel with them.

This is how you can create similar moments of love, affection and while on a professional note, camaraderie matters the most where you can surely gel together with others.

This is how you can be positive too.

Never share news without verifying the sources

Do you know that you can actually limit the negativity?

Well, yes, by stop discussing about the aftermath of Covid 19, especially like that of death and how bad the situation has become, instead focus on the positive side. Like the number of patients recovering and people giving Plasma to help others. Similarly, how you can equally contribute towards being a responsible person and spread positivity in the process

Empower others by taking necessary steps such as “Hand Hygience” and following social distancing. In this way, you won’t just save yourself, but help others as well.

There has been such a greater level of myth that “Common Cold” is corono infection. You have to take care of that. Also, when you are out, you need to follow on the etiquettes describing coughing, sneezing or spitting in public.

People who have difficulty in breathing needs to be admitted in hospital

Final thoughts

Finally, we have to put our brave emotional aspect.

Don’t we agree that a strong mind can actually help us save from anxiety and panic?

Yes, indeed and there is a growing need for us to be strong emotionally. This will have dual effect

It will save us and simultaneously give our family members enough morale supports with the stiff resistance we do.

Therefore, in such an hour of grief it is the collective responsibility to “Share and care” along with being safe and sound.