How to write a tribute speech for a sister on her death anniversary

The love of siblings can be regarded as the purest one. Since, this relation is accompanied with naughtiness, childish acts, fun, and frolic and of course fights and abuses as well.

Yes, anyone can agree to the traits of how the friendship between siblings are like.

Well, I am no exception as well. Unfortunately, my sister is no more and with her passing, all the fun, quarrel and fights have ended once and forever.

Yes, now, I realize my fault as to why I have been so stubborn to her.

In fact, I really feel apologetic, as to what made me so cruel to her. I do confess that I have taken undue advantages of her, as she being younger to me; I sometimes tried to control her and took larger share of eatables etc.

However, the reality is I never knew that life will turn so much for us.

My eyes may be dried with tears, but not my heart. It still weeps and pounds for her.

She has been the best sister whom I used to dearly love and cherish every moment.

I feel hollow in her absence, but I have to put stronger self for my parents as I know that I have to console them for the loss or else crossing the advanced age, it is going to become difficult for them to face the consequences.

Now, I am stronger than ever before. Similarly, I am matured from the times when I thought naughtiness and fun acts are enough to lead a life. Now, I know the importance of values, respect and importantly, the greatest importance of relations.

One has to really give them the highest regard or else it is no use to repent later on.

No matter, which ever part of the world, she is in, I am sure she is in a much better place and looking down at us with happiness.

She may have switched the continent, but she will continue to live in our hearts forever.

I feel that the loss for my parents has been the biggest than me, even though I can’t in any way undermine my own loss which obviously can’t be shared or expressed in mere words.

So, I take full responsibility in cheering my parents and try to make up for the loss which they have already suffered, by of course controlling myself in the process.

Her naughtiness, actions, fun and childish acts are still fresh in my memory and the best I try not to express the same in front of my parents as they tend to weep and cry in hiding. Yes, once I have seen them crying in my absence and that’s the moment, I realized that I have to make them the happiest and proudest parents of the world.

In fact they try to control their emotions so that I don’t take clue from them, while the reality is I equally try to control mine, just to make them happy.

This is how the relations have blossomed and before I conclude, I am still remorseful of why I have been so stubborn that I used to tease her. Had I known the limited time I am going to have with my sister, things would have been far different.

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Sisters are special and their loss is something which one remembers since ages.
They are the best buddies with who siblings fight, quarrel but then at the very next moment, become friends and share eatables together.
In short, the friendship is full of naughtiness and there is even greater love and appreciation for the obvious reasons.
Even I really miss my sister and I can related to the post as well
Thank You

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