4 tips to follow, if you want to improve English in the next 60 days

I am creating a concise and specific post to help English learners know the sure-cut ways of improving English within 2 months:-

Know Tenses

Tenses are the backbone for English Learners. You should know Present, Past and Future Tenses with 100% perfection

I am right now giving you one small example:-

I didn’t went (wrong)

I didn’t go (correct)

If you know tenses, then you can’t make the mistake. So, polish your tenses first. Since, with the word “DID”, we use the first form of verb

Speak in front of mirror

Mirror is your best friend. While speaking, ensure that you make eye-contact, as if to realize that you are actually talking to another individual. Your friends won’t mock you now. You don’t have to wait for them to start talking, as mirror will come handy anywhere and anytime

Learn a new word daily

Increase your vocabulary which is highly important if you want to improve your English grammar skills.

Learn atleast one word daily and create a sentence out of it on daily basis.
This will help you to know the exact definition and meaning of the word and after you have created the sentence, you will never forget that new word for sure.

Be confident

Confidence of talking is a birth trait, but it also comes when you feel good and believe yourself. So, be confident and pat yourself on your back and say, YES, I WILL MANAGE TO POLISH MY ENGLISH SKILLS COME WHAT MAY

2 replies on “4 tips to follow, if you want to improve English in the next 60 days”

Being an English Teacher myself, I agree with what you have said in the above post.
Sometimes, many of the English learners feel demoralized or disheartened which makes them in a problematic mode.
Hence, one should never be discouraged and only work towards positivity in reaching their goals

I am so happy for you Asma, that English Teachers do come out in collective support for things which are right and your stopping for this post is a clear and concise indication about what you genuinely feel about my post as well
Thanks again

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