How to write a tribute speech to Covid 19 warriors

Covid 19 warriors – The name which even a child of four years take with lots of respect

Yes, these people who range from different fields be it medical, police or cleaners they have actually shown what and how determination and zeal can actually turn the tables towards them. Indeed!!!!

After all, Covid 19 warriors deserves standing ovation who have risked their own lives only so that we can have a peaceful life. Somewhere, our relatives, friends or acquaintance can survive,

Yes, they are the gem where words can’t describe their actual worth and how their method of working has pleasantly shocked to the core.

Yes, the whole social media has been flooded with different images where they can be seen lying literally on the floor just to take few minutes or hours nap, so that they can again gear up to operate the Covid 19 positive patients. Such a humility and heart rending picture can certainly melt the hearts of people who don’t have words to express the kind of gratitude they have been subjected to.

The post is indeed a tribute for them and also for their family who have actively backed them up towards working for such a noble cause without compromising on their own health aspect.

Had the families of the Covid 19 warriors been skeptical, they would have surely told them with a stern voice not to venture out during these times. But, the story has been pleasant different, something which re-affirms our stand on humanity and brotherhood.

The news even gains significance in today’s age, where people are thirsty for blood of one another and during these times, such incidents only re-affirms that all is not well lost for sure.

The corona warriors have shown their true selfless side, by working round the clock as most of them couldn’t manage to go to their home and owing to this reason they have temporarily made a sleeping pattern right at the comforts of their hospitals.

It is very fortunate that we are living in today’s times where Covid 19 warriors are actually there for us without any return in expectation.

They have been inspiring hundreds of thousands of others as well who want to do for the humanity.

Their selfless work has been well noted and appreciated by people across the globe, as the disease has widely spread across the length and breadth of the globe.

Their awesome motivational level and the willingness to work for the oppressed is simply an angel like action which has become the true piece of valor and awesomeness for the world to see

Final thoughts

My article directly pays tribute to them so that they continue to work for the downtrodden and oppressed Covid 19 positive patients by changing their lives.

After all, the emotional angle is so much, that for one patient, there are literally tens of relatives who are waiting outside and handling them is such a challenging time for sure.

However, the perfection with which the Covid 19 warriors have gained over the course of months has been commendable as their hard work has been changing the lives of people and one only hope and pray that  their health is safe and sound and so is the family’s one too.

Signing off, by wishing that such a challenging time may soon ends once and forever without creating lots of death and destruction

Thank You

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Congrats to the author for writing such a well thought out and researched post on Covid 19
The post is the need of hour for commemorating and celebrating the extreme selfless work which Covid 19 workers have been doing for the past four months
This is dearly a lovely, peaceful and certainly an emotional letter which is the need of hour to commemorate the teachings of Covid 19 warriors to young audience, especially children who can learn a lot from the same

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