Letter of thanks to brother for scoring the highest marks in exam

Dear Ranu,

I begin by congratulating you on your success for scoring the highest marks in your 10+2 exams. This is your moment and you deserve the right to celebrate it with much fanfare, since I know that you have spent many sleepless nights for the same. Now, the time has come when the hard work has actually paid off for you and you are celebrating success with gusto.

Partying is important, because when you deserve it, you ought to do and you have full right to be that, as you have achieved a position which only few can do and that’s where you have all my praise and blessings as well.

However, don’t be too complacent since it won’t lead you anywhere. Infact do your best towards closely working for the larger goal after the celebration season as there is another bigger hurdle waiting for you

This is also the time for you to be punctual and serious for the next course of action as the whole journey of getting the prestigious medical seats starts right now

Yes, you have successfully passed the first ladder of success while there are few more and your onus becomes even more

I am no way undermining your current times where you deserve to pass the time by partying with your friends and celebrate the success.

However, after few days when you start to closely monitor your next course of action, then it becomes imperative for you to think with a greater sense of authority and maturity. Yes, you need to be punctual and sensible in your approach by doing things which work in your quest of bagging the most prestigious medical site, as I know your aim and objective is to be a doctor who wants to work for the society.

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Hi Admin
Last year my brother scored the highest marks and that has made me proud. Kudos to you that it is a proud moment for you as you are going to celebrate the success and joy of your brother to the core.
Thanks for sharing the post to us as it is a matter of pride and happiness for every brother who has been proud to the core
Thank You

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