Request letter to School to waive the fees off

The Principal

FGD School,

Y Area

X City,

Subject (A deep down request from the bottom of heart to kindly waive the school fees)


I , Pankaj Awasthi, father of Anuj Awasthi of Class 11th of your prominent school request your immediate attention to waiving off the school fees.

All the higher school authorities have been expressively demanding the school authorities towards finding an amicable solution with the parents.

Even the District administration has time and again appealed for the same, with the circulation in local newspapers.

Considering the whole scenario which has rightly created a one side approach in favor of parents, it is true that we as parents’ community should get justice immediately. This is certainly true that our interests are at stake, as most of us are out of jobs or those who do, have have half reduction in salaries.

Now, considering such a scenario, how can paying the full fees be considered as feasible especially when it is becoming difficult for parents to survive themselves with bread twice or thrice a day.

Hence, being a responsible, dutiful and honorable institution of education, even the parents who have gone to the courts have got a favorable response where the courts have categorically said that schools should consider a positive outcome by looking after the interest of parents as a whole.

This has to be primarily done with immediate effect, as few parents have complained that the name of their children has been expelled due to non payment of fees.

While still many parents are afraid to speak up the matter with the fear that their students may have to face a bleak future.

So, this is how such things are currently unfolding.

But, to all the parents, with whom I had a conversation in the past dearly want to an amicable and friendly solution to this fiasco.

If possible, they are even ready to pay half the fees as the last resort with the hope, that the future of students shouldn’t be hampered and the current fights which has been happening in media, shouldn’t deter or dishearten the students in any way.

I am also attaching a memorandum which has been collectively signed by the community of parents in this regards, just to create a unanimous approach into the same so that the school authorities whom we consider as a family can timely take decision for protecting the rights and duties of one and all.

Also, the amicable settlement can create a positive environment while in the long run, the prestige of the school can certainly be enhanced in view of parents who can surely feel that how school has stood out to help them in need and it will only bring more business in terms of new admissions in the next session as well

Thanking You

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