Tribute speech for mother on winning the best dressed housewife in a party

Dear Mom,

Your words have always inspired me to give my 100% and now your actions have been louder than words. Yes, you have been a source of inspiration, motivation and a bundle of joy and above all, a friend to work and live with.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you for winning the award and that goes on to show how extensively and dearly you take care of your professionalism whether it is

  • Working in the kitchen
  • Making us ready for school
  • Dressing yourself before the competitions.

Such things have always been refreshing and inspiring for me and while I watch you, I realize how professionalism is important in today’s era where people can’t be successful without sticking to it

You are a bundle of inspiration as winning the competition is a big deal especially, when you jostle with house-hold work and outside.

But still, it is commendable as you turned out to be best dressed personality for the world to see which speak volumes about how “Balanced” your life actually is.

  • You know your priorities and that as children, we have never faced any problems in our upbringing and same goes for out education and cuisines.
  • You have been the perfect mother, something which others will surely be envious of as I consider myself lucky to be your offspring who knows, values and respects each and every single one of your commands and sayings.
  • I have learnt different traits of life like that of how balanced one should be in life without compromising on other things. Similarly, how professionalism is important in the life of today where perfection obviously comes with professionalism.
  • Also, your confident approach towards leading a life of dignity and respect is what has been such a morale booster for me and I am sure, it will equally be the same for many girls like me.
  • What I feel is that if inspiration can be dearly defined, then I will define you and that’s the best justice which I can actually do for the world which needs no further introduction.
  • The journey of your life will be totally appropriate in true sense where every single inch of time you have spent has a reason.
  • You spoke about positivity and when you meet people, others get inspiration as they feel good about you.

While growing up, I also came to know about the endless struggles you have had to face in your initial years, but that didn’t you to stick to your rules and you fought bravely with poverty and the associated challenges arising out with.

You survived with meager income even after marriage, but the kind of support you have shown and a willingness to support each other has been tremendous.

You have valued relations more than anything else and seeing you coming of age has also shown that how relations are important and how I can consolidate them further.

I am always going to value the relations and bring positivity and joy for the world to see. And of course, I am going to follow on your footsteps so that I can also bring as successful as you have been now.

Thank you for being my mother and inspiration for not just me, but for many

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Well, after checking the article, I made sure that my mother also reads it and she is quite motivated by it.
I do like and appreciate the brave work done by ladies in balancing their lives and how they excel in both the departments as well
Thank You

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