Tribute speech for my father on his promotion at office

Dear Papa

You have made me proud again as a son who can’t thank you more for being a hardworking, dedicated, honest and truly inspiring figure for me in the last 20 years.

Your honest approach to the work has landed you several lucrative promotions and this has again become the most proud moment for me, when I look back and realize

How honesty, hard work and dedication can actually change the personality of an individual for better

This day has become even more special as your ethics has shown that you can’t compromise with your job.

You aren’t easy to be bribed or taken for granted and that everyone understands and respects your mettle that you are literally an iron man who understands the true meaning of what professionalism actually means.

You have also shown the doors to those who have done wrong to you in the past and that has further created a separate place for yourself in today’s world where people simply respect for who you are and what you do.

I know that you have been setting standards of professionalism with each and every passing day and seeing you touching the ladders of success has made me realize that I have to go a long way in even touching your feet.

I know that I have been so lucky to follow on your footsteps as my journey towards sticking with honesty has become easy and joyful.

Yes, challenges do come, but when I have a father who has never compromised with work related ethics then things do become easy, simplified and systematic and that’s where I have been quite blessed because of the same.

I know that people in your company, especially your colleagues would naturally have high expectations from me, because I associate with you, and this feeling has only made me stronger from within and to come with a braver and stronger force to fulfill the expectations of everyone, be it my family members, relatives or others.

Seeing you grow in the last decade has made me feel so close to what I have been dreaming to become a pilot.

The kind of attentiveness and accuracy with which you have been working all through these years has only reaffirmed the fact that yes, I can also reciprocate through the same and become a full fledged pilot in the times to come.

I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my father and telling me ways and means to be a better human being with every passing day.

I am sure, you have many more offers and promotions waiting for you and that everyone associated with you considers to be lucky for being able to get the lost charm and charisma which isn’t possible otherwise

Thanks again

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Congrats to your father on getting promotion
Such a new is so icing on the cake and we really feel good as a chil.
Even my father has been promoted an year back and it makes me really awesome to say the least

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