(Updated)Tribute speech to neighbor who has been a father like figure for you

Neighbors are regarded to be the permanent friends who can’t be changed, sidelined or overlooked. We see them day and night and they are certainly the first few people who come to the rescue for you, if you ever need any help

Yes, considering the same, there has been examples of how extensively neighbors have helped each other in terms of setting up examples for others.

Likewise, I have been lucky enough to get a highly cooperative, friendly, helpful and certainly awesome neighbor who has been my father like figure and helped me in the times, when I need him the most.

Yes, the whole couple of decades for me while growing up couldn’t have been complete without my uncle who considered me as his own son and certainly never differentiated between his children  and me.

Even my father and him were friends in their respective childhood days but while growing up, I lost my father when I was just one, and this was the time, when he was emotionally shaken to the core.

Yes, he was quite perturbed and this is how he took as his responsibility to upbring me just to create the sole of my father in peace.

I can’t thank him more for sure, owing to this  extremely touchy and emotionally bound relationship which needs no introduction, especially at such a time, when the current blood relations are becoming weak and fragile.

His actions and selfless service for me has re-affirmed the fact that humanity exists and I always wish him best for his life.

I know that wherever my father would be, he is surely going to be in a much better place and this attribute make me at peace. Yes, why not, when his son is at peace, so he will be too.

Uncle is more than a blood relation who took care for me, paid fees for my school and then colleges and seeing me growing up made him so cool and confident as a person.

I still remember the day when he was the happiest soul on earth as he found that I have started wearing the same size shoes like him. And after exactly two years later, his shirt could easily fit mine as well.

This is how, the friendship went on to next level of being friends  and I really enjoyed in the company of his.

Although, there can’t be a substitute of a father, yet, his timely help and cooperation has superseded all and I have never really missed or longed for any other.

I can easily project, that if ever I would have a father, he would have been exactly like him and this is how I have never missed guardianship of a father too.

I once again thank him and wish his children best of luck for future endeavors

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