Write a letter congratulating the school authorities for starting online classes which proves to be an effective source of education

Subject (Congratulating on the successful implementation of online classes)

Sir, I, Afzal Zaheer whole heartedly congratulate you on the immense initial response which has been garnered by the parent’s community for the online classes started by you.

There has been tremendous zeal and enthusiasm which can only create a more understanding and positive approach towards ensuring effective teaching methodology in near future.

Students are also getting their concepts clear with personal attention (if needed) and this has by far created a positive approach for taking the system to an easy and effective approach.

I am saying this because, there has been the perception and lots of apprehension with regards to online classes in terms of its feasibility.

But all of the queries, concerns and doubts seems to be slowly subsiding with the proper and practical implementation of the online classes which is indeed giving desired fruits and results for the world to see

The same story can be well echoed by the student community from different schools cutting across different cities of the world who have found a substitute to take their education forward especially in today’s current age where the pandemic has already made the lives limited to the confines of home.

As  a concerned student of your esteemed school, I once again take this opportunity to congratulate you for the overall success which our school has been specifically garnering and getting for able to continue with the course even in such difficult times, which is certainly commendable.

The reason why I am saying is that, there have been reports of few other schools which have faced the issues of lack of teaching methodology in online teaching method.

However, as a proud student of the school, all of us are upbeat and regularly studying and one only hope, that the current situation soon ends so that we can again resume our schools and the classes can be done with the same personal touch amidst the presence of natural and obvious classes which we have seen while growing up

Thanking You

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Hi Admin,
I totally agree with you where online classes have become a source of learning especially at the current scenario when normal classes can’t take place
They have become the only respite for parents and teachers who want to continue with studies without hampering in any manner
I also hope, that normalcy soon returns so as to create a different constructive approach of teaching like the way, it has been taught before in normal days

Thanks for your wonderful words and I am glad that you liked and appreciated the post
Thanks again
Looking forward for your regular readership to my blog
Thanks again

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