Top schools say “No” to school re-opening from September 21st

There has been a decision by most of Lucknow schools of not re-opening the schools from September 21. Although, the decision was just purely based on voluntary basis so that teachers can properly guide students (when asked)

The centre may have directed about the partial opening of schools from 9 to 12, but the schools are in no mood to follow it.

They say that any queries can be properly asked and addressed right through online classes, thus giving the least possibility of any heads up towards the decision of centre.

Prominent schools of Lucknow will continue to be in a closure mood while carrying with the proper online classes at the same time.

The decision from schools is primarily based on the concerns arising out of Covid 19 where safety of students is of prime importance.

Principals of several schools are certainly averse to the idea of opening partial schools as they say that online classes are going on effectively where students are addressing their problems in a full-fledged manner

So, based on several aspects of what Principals of different colleges feel, it is appropriate to say that that they are very much concerned about the rising Covid 19 cases even more.  Well, currently, they know that it is not feasible, but if it eases, then they may decide on the next course of action. Like, if the situation starts getting normal, then they will see, whether it is feasible to open the educational institutions after Diwali or not.

Obviously, responsible figures can’t undermine the relevance and importance of this exact scenario where they have termed the current situation to be “extra ordinary”

Yes, when the situation is so unfavorable, then obviously they have to take due measures and proper guidelines to work their way and they can’t take chances any more. So, the schools will remain closed for now.

That’s the final thing coming out from the prestigious position holders in the educational sector who certainly don’t want to take any chance

Not every school is against the idea of opening partial schools

Schools in the form of Christ Church College, Loreto Convent and St. Joseph’s group of institutions have shown their willingness to open their different braches ranging in different parts of the city

While Loreto Principal has said that for students who are now going to appear for crucial papers in 10 and 12 can come to schools in case of doubts. But, while doing so, a written permission from parents is required to keep the school in a safe mode.

Students seem to be looking forward

Urvashi Sahni who is CEO of Study Hall shares how upbeat students actually are when they have got the news of schools re-opening partially.

Even parents know that it is partially and certainly voluntary so they have nothing to worry in that front.

Few things coming out from schools are:-

  • Schools will be taking written permission from parents of students who are coming to schools
  • There will be adequate social distancing mechanism to be adopted
  • Students to be called for a fixed time period only to help them get adequate remedial measures for the queries
  • Safety of students is to be ensured and they will be sitting at proper distances

Are parents ready to send their kids to school? Let’s find out

Few parents don’t want to sent, even if it is opened

Final thoughts

Let’s not forget, that educational institutions in the whole country is closed since late March as the sudden and untimely news of corona virus has broken down.

This has given rise to the new yet obvious mechanism of online classes and is currently set to be in effect for the time to come too.


Russia Vaccine: “Spootnic” will be available from next week

Covid 19 cases are rising world over. At this crucial time, Russia  has certainly created a ray of hope amongst people with the launch of  a “Corona Vaccine” “Spootnik – 5”

A highly respected Russian identity has confirmed that the vaccine will be available for general masses next week.

In the initial few weeks, the vaccine will only be available for the frontline warriors.

Russian news agency TASS has confirmed the news from the expert Daniz Legunov that the vaccine is given green signal from the health department and will soon be available to the public

Danis who is the director of Russian Academy of Sciences has said that the practical examination will start in few days and will be getting the approval as well.

There is a set of practical procedure for the availabilityof vaccine to public. But before that the concerned government has to pass the quality of the vaccine.

There is also a set date for the usage of vaccine for masses and it is between 1st and 13th September. After that, the vaccine will start to be given to public

The distrcution of the vaccine will be done as per the health department procedural norms.

He has also said that those who are prone to the disease will be prioritized first.

As per the highly reputed magagine of Russia namely “Lanset Medical Journal” the medicine has produced anti-bodies of all the suffering patients.

The trial of the vaccine was done in June and July with a total of 76% participants.

There has been 100% antibodies which are implemented through the test and there has been no serious malfunctioning which has come to the fore.

The name of the vaccine has been associated with the first Satellite of Russia namely “Spootnik” which was launched in 1957


3 motivational tips to achieve peace by Akeredolu Aminat

My friend from Africa has written such a wonderful piece of content on how peaceful, motivated and dedicated people should be towards living a life of peace

Here’s my friend Akeredolu Aminat has written

A)Everyone needs motivation to keep them going through the race of life. So motivate yourself never to give up and never to relent. Keep the hope alive. “morning motivation”

B) Sometimes life keeps treating you like you are not doing enough or that you are not doing it right and it keeps knocking you down. And you just fee like the harder you try, the more difficult it becomes. But always remember that life is never a smooth race.

C) Like a popular saying in my language “the best meal takes longer to prepare” just maybe you are that best meal still in the stage of preparation so keep calm the best of you is about to unveil. So motivate yourself never to give up and never to relent. Your greatness is about to unfold. STAY POSITIVE


4 presentable ways to enhance your interview success by Yahaya Tijjani

Do you know that the way you carry yourself actually has such a hidden and deep impression towards the interviewer?

Yes, indeed

Remember, your professionalism is directly related to the way you present yourself, whether it is maintaining the cleanliness part or taking care of the ironing of your attires or even the way you set hair.

Let’s take a look at the presentable ways:-

Be professionally dressed

Do you know that your attire is closely watched, looked and monitored by the interviewer right the moment you step in the interview room?

Yes, whether your shirt or trouser has a proper crease or not. You need to know, that there is nothing hidden in the interview room literally, neither your dress nor what goes into your head. Since, the interviewer with his experienced tactics can bring out your hidden emotions in no time

Wear smile

It is not just wearing a professional attire, you also need to wear smile to create positivity which also “breaks ice” right within the initial few seconds of the interview

Your shoes should be polished

In my ten years experience as a recruiter, I have seen the most overlooked part is the shoes which interviewee takes for granted.

Yes, they either rub it with any random dirty duster to what they feel it has attained a “satisfactory” look.

However, in reality it should be well polished and sparkling.

Do you know that for a professional, your etiquettes matter and shoes are your important and integral part of your identity, so never overlook it in any manner?

Same goes for socks, as people may consider that it is hidden but in reality there is nothing hidden for the interviewee. Importantly, when you sit your part of the socks is easily visible and recognizable

Comb your hair properly

Your hair shouldn’t come on your forehead and if it does then you obviously have to remove it time and again.
The whole repetitive exercise will put off the mind of the interviewer. A professional has just “Perfect hair” it shouldn’t be too long or short. It should be the perfect hair with properly sets where you don’t have to take care every other minute.