4 presentable ways to enhance your interview success by Yahaya Tijjani

Do you know that the way you carry yourself actually has such a hidden and deep impression towards the interviewer?

Yes, indeed

Remember, your professionalism is directly related to the way you present yourself, whether it is maintaining the cleanliness part or taking care of the ironing of your attires or even the way you set hair.

Let’s take a look at the presentable ways:-

Be professionally dressed

Do you know that your attire is closely watched, looked and monitored by the interviewer right the moment you step in the interview room?

Yes, whether your shirt or trouser has a proper crease or not. You need to know, that there is nothing hidden in the interview room literally, neither your dress nor what goes into your head. Since, the interviewer with his experienced tactics can bring out your hidden emotions in no time

Wear smile

It is not just wearing a professional attire, you also need to wear smile to create positivity which also “breaks ice” right within the initial few seconds of the interview

Your shoes should be polished

In my ten years experience as a recruiter, I have seen the most overlooked part is the shoes which interviewee takes for granted.

Yes, they either rub it with any random dirty duster to what they feel it has attained a “satisfactory” look.

However, in reality it should be well polished and sparkling.

Do you know that for a professional, your etiquettes matter and shoes are your important and integral part of your identity, so never overlook it in any manner?

Same goes for socks, as people may consider that it is hidden but in reality there is nothing hidden for the interviewee. Importantly, when you sit your part of the socks is easily visible and recognizable

Comb your hair properly

Your hair shouldn’t come on your forehead and if it does then you obviously have to remove it time and again.
The whole repetitive exercise will put off the mind of the interviewer. A professional has just “Perfect hair” it shouldn’t be too long or short. It should be the perfect hair with properly sets where you don’t have to take care every other minute.

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