Russia Vaccine: “Spootnic” will be available from next week

Covid 19 cases are rising world over. At this crucial time, Russia  has certainly created a ray of hope amongst people with the launch of  a “Corona Vaccine” “Spootnik – 5”

A highly respected Russian identity has confirmed that the vaccine will be available for general masses next week.

In the initial few weeks, the vaccine will only be available for the frontline warriors.

Russian news agency TASS has confirmed the news from the expert Daniz Legunov that the vaccine is given green signal from the health department and will soon be available to the public

Danis who is the director of Russian Academy of Sciences has said that the practical examination will start in few days and will be getting the approval as well.

There is a set of practical procedure for the availabilityof vaccine to public. But before that the concerned government has to pass the quality of the vaccine.

There is also a set date for the usage of vaccine for masses and it is between 1st and 13th September. After that, the vaccine will start to be given to public

The distrcution of the vaccine will be done as per the health department procedural norms.

He has also said that those who are prone to the disease will be prioritized first.

As per the highly reputed magagine of Russia namely “Lanset Medical Journal” the medicine has produced anti-bodies of all the suffering patients.

The trial of the vaccine was done in June and July with a total of 76% participants.

There has been 100% antibodies which are implemented through the test and there has been no serious malfunctioning which has come to the fore.

The name of the vaccine has been associated with the first Satellite of Russia namely “Spootnik” which was launched in 1957

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