Top schools say “No” to school re-opening from September 21st

There has been a decision by most of Lucknow schools of not re-opening the schools from September 21. Although, the decision was just purely based on voluntary basis so that teachers can properly guide students (when asked)

The centre may have directed about the partial opening of schools from 9 to 12, but the schools are in no mood to follow it.

They say that any queries can be properly asked and addressed right through online classes, thus giving the least possibility of any heads up towards the decision of centre.

Prominent schools of Lucknow will continue to be in a closure mood while carrying with the proper online classes at the same time.

The decision from schools is primarily based on the concerns arising out of Covid 19 where safety of students is of prime importance.

Principals of several schools are certainly averse to the idea of opening partial schools as they say that online classes are going on effectively where students are addressing their problems in a full-fledged manner

So, based on several aspects of what Principals of different colleges feel, it is appropriate to say that that they are very much concerned about the rising Covid 19 cases even more.  Well, currently, they know that it is not feasible, but if it eases, then they may decide on the next course of action. Like, if the situation starts getting normal, then they will see, whether it is feasible to open the educational institutions after Diwali or not.

Obviously, responsible figures can’t undermine the relevance and importance of this exact scenario where they have termed the current situation to be “extra ordinary”

Yes, when the situation is so unfavorable, then obviously they have to take due measures and proper guidelines to work their way and they can’t take chances any more. So, the schools will remain closed for now.

That’s the final thing coming out from the prestigious position holders in the educational sector who certainly don’t want to take any chance

Not every school is against the idea of opening partial schools

Schools in the form of Christ Church College, Loreto Convent and St. Joseph’s group of institutions have shown their willingness to open their different braches ranging in different parts of the city

While Loreto Principal has said that for students who are now going to appear for crucial papers in 10 and 12 can come to schools in case of doubts. But, while doing so, a written permission from parents is required to keep the school in a safe mode.

Students seem to be looking forward

Urvashi Sahni who is CEO of Study Hall shares how upbeat students actually are when they have got the news of schools re-opening partially.

Even parents know that it is partially and certainly voluntary so they have nothing to worry in that front.

Few things coming out from schools are:-

  • Schools will be taking written permission from parents of students who are coming to schools
  • There will be adequate social distancing mechanism to be adopted
  • Students to be called for a fixed time period only to help them get adequate remedial measures for the queries
  • Safety of students is to be ensured and they will be sitting at proper distances

Are parents ready to send their kids to school? Let’s find out

Few parents don’t want to sent, even if it is opened

Final thoughts

Let’s not forget, that educational institutions in the whole country is closed since late March as the sudden and untimely news of corona virus has broken down.

This has given rise to the new yet obvious mechanism of online classes and is currently set to be in effect for the time to come too.


Russia Vaccine: “Spootnic” will be available from next week

Covid 19 cases are rising world over. At this crucial time, Russia  has certainly created a ray of hope amongst people with the launch of  a “Corona Vaccine” “Spootnik – 5”

A highly respected Russian identity has confirmed that the vaccine will be available for general masses next week.

In the initial few weeks, the vaccine will only be available for the frontline warriors.

Russian news agency TASS has confirmed the news from the expert Daniz Legunov that the vaccine is given green signal from the health department and will soon be available to the public

Danis who is the director of Russian Academy of Sciences has said that the practical examination will start in few days and will be getting the approval as well.

There is a set of practical procedure for the availabilityof vaccine to public. But before that the concerned government has to pass the quality of the vaccine.

There is also a set date for the usage of vaccine for masses and it is between 1st and 13th September. After that, the vaccine will start to be given to public

The distrcution of the vaccine will be done as per the health department procedural norms.

He has also said that those who are prone to the disease will be prioritized first.

As per the highly reputed magagine of Russia namely “Lanset Medical Journal” the medicine has produced anti-bodies of all the suffering patients.

The trial of the vaccine was done in June and July with a total of 76% participants.

There has been 100% antibodies which are implemented through the test and there has been no serious malfunctioning which has come to the fore.

The name of the vaccine has been associated with the first Satellite of Russia namely “Spootnik” which was launched in 1957


3 motivational tips to achieve peace by Akeredolu Aminat

My friend from Africa has written such a wonderful piece of content on how peaceful, motivated and dedicated people should be towards living a life of peace

Here’s my friend Akeredolu Aminat has written

A)Everyone needs motivation to keep them going through the race of life. So motivate yourself never to give up and never to relent. Keep the hope alive. “morning motivation”

B) Sometimes life keeps treating you like you are not doing enough or that you are not doing it right and it keeps knocking you down. And you just fee like the harder you try, the more difficult it becomes. But always remember that life is never a smooth race.

C) Like a popular saying in my language “the best meal takes longer to prepare” just maybe you are that best meal still in the stage of preparation so keep calm the best of you is about to unveil. So motivate yourself never to give up and never to relent. Your greatness is about to unfold. STAY POSITIVE


4 presentable ways to enhance your interview success by Yahaya Tijjani

Do you know that the way you carry yourself actually has such a hidden and deep impression towards the interviewer?

Yes, indeed

Remember, your professionalism is directly related to the way you present yourself, whether it is maintaining the cleanliness part or taking care of the ironing of your attires or even the way you set hair.

Let’s take a look at the presentable ways:-

Be professionally dressed

Do you know that your attire is closely watched, looked and monitored by the interviewer right the moment you step in the interview room?

Yes, whether your shirt or trouser has a proper crease or not. You need to know, that there is nothing hidden in the interview room literally, neither your dress nor what goes into your head. Since, the interviewer with his experienced tactics can bring out your hidden emotions in no time

Wear smile

It is not just wearing a professional attire, you also need to wear smile to create positivity which also “breaks ice” right within the initial few seconds of the interview

Your shoes should be polished

In my ten years experience as a recruiter, I have seen the most overlooked part is the shoes which interviewee takes for granted.

Yes, they either rub it with any random dirty duster to what they feel it has attained a “satisfactory” look.

However, in reality it should be well polished and sparkling.

Do you know that for a professional, your etiquettes matter and shoes are your important and integral part of your identity, so never overlook it in any manner?

Same goes for socks, as people may consider that it is hidden but in reality there is nothing hidden for the interviewee. Importantly, when you sit your part of the socks is easily visible and recognizable

Comb your hair properly

Your hair shouldn’t come on your forehead and if it does then you obviously have to remove it time and again.
The whole repetitive exercise will put off the mind of the interviewer. A professional has just “Perfect hair” it shouldn’t be too long or short. It should be the perfect hair with properly sets where you don’t have to take care every other minute.


(Updated)Tribute speech to neighbor who has been a father like figure for you

Neighbors are regarded to be the permanent friends who can’t be changed, sidelined or overlooked. We see them day and night and they are certainly the first few people who come to the rescue for you, if you ever need any help

Yes, considering the same, there has been examples of how extensively neighbors have helped each other in terms of setting up examples for others.

Likewise, I have been lucky enough to get a highly cooperative, friendly, helpful and certainly awesome neighbor who has been my father like figure and helped me in the times, when I need him the most.

Yes, the whole couple of decades for me while growing up couldn’t have been complete without my uncle who considered me as his own son and certainly never differentiated between his children  and me.

Even my father and him were friends in their respective childhood days but while growing up, I lost my father when I was just one, and this was the time, when he was emotionally shaken to the core.

Yes, he was quite perturbed and this is how he took as his responsibility to upbring me just to create the sole of my father in peace.

I can’t thank him more for sure, owing to this  extremely touchy and emotionally bound relationship which needs no introduction, especially at such a time, when the current blood relations are becoming weak and fragile.

His actions and selfless service for me has re-affirmed the fact that humanity exists and I always wish him best for his life.

I know that wherever my father would be, he is surely going to be in a much better place and this attribute make me at peace. Yes, why not, when his son is at peace, so he will be too.

Uncle is more than a blood relation who took care for me, paid fees for my school and then colleges and seeing me growing up made him so cool and confident as a person.

I still remember the day when he was the happiest soul on earth as he found that I have started wearing the same size shoes like him. And after exactly two years later, his shirt could easily fit mine as well.

This is how, the friendship went on to next level of being friends  and I really enjoyed in the company of his.

Although, there can’t be a substitute of a father, yet, his timely help and cooperation has superseded all and I have never really missed or longed for any other.

I can easily project, that if ever I would have a father, he would have been exactly like him and this is how I have never missed guardianship of a father too.

I once again thank him and wish his children best of luck for future endeavors


Letter of thanks to brother for scoring the highest marks in exam

Dear Ranu,

I begin by congratulating you on your success for scoring the highest marks in your 10+2 exams. This is your moment and you deserve the right to celebrate it with much fanfare, since I know that you have spent many sleepless nights for the same. Now, the time has come when the hard work has actually paid off for you and you are celebrating success with gusto.

Partying is important, because when you deserve it, you ought to do and you have full right to be that, as you have achieved a position which only few can do and that’s where you have all my praise and blessings as well.

However, don’t be too complacent since it won’t lead you anywhere. Infact do your best towards closely working for the larger goal after the celebration season as there is another bigger hurdle waiting for you

This is also the time for you to be punctual and serious for the next course of action as the whole journey of getting the prestigious medical seats starts right now

Yes, you have successfully passed the first ladder of success while there are few more and your onus becomes even more

I am no way undermining your current times where you deserve to pass the time by partying with your friends and celebrate the success.

However, after few days when you start to closely monitor your next course of action, then it becomes imperative for you to think with a greater sense of authority and maturity. Yes, you need to be punctual and sensible in your approach by doing things which work in your quest of bagging the most prestigious medical site, as I know your aim and objective is to be a doctor who wants to work for the society.


Tribute speech for mother on winning the best dressed housewife in a party

Dear Mom,

Your words have always inspired me to give my 100% and now your actions have been louder than words. Yes, you have been a source of inspiration, motivation and a bundle of joy and above all, a friend to work and live with.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you for winning the award and that goes on to show how extensively and dearly you take care of your professionalism whether it is

  • Working in the kitchen
  • Making us ready for school
  • Dressing yourself before the competitions.

Such things have always been refreshing and inspiring for me and while I watch you, I realize how professionalism is important in today’s era where people can’t be successful without sticking to it

You are a bundle of inspiration as winning the competition is a big deal especially, when you jostle with house-hold work and outside.

But still, it is commendable as you turned out to be best dressed personality for the world to see which speak volumes about how “Balanced” your life actually is.

  • You know your priorities and that as children, we have never faced any problems in our upbringing and same goes for out education and cuisines.
  • You have been the perfect mother, something which others will surely be envious of as I consider myself lucky to be your offspring who knows, values and respects each and every single one of your commands and sayings.
  • I have learnt different traits of life like that of how balanced one should be in life without compromising on other things. Similarly, how professionalism is important in the life of today where perfection obviously comes with professionalism.
  • Also, your confident approach towards leading a life of dignity and respect is what has been such a morale booster for me and I am sure, it will equally be the same for many girls like me.
  • What I feel is that if inspiration can be dearly defined, then I will define you and that’s the best justice which I can actually do for the world which needs no further introduction.
  • The journey of your life will be totally appropriate in true sense where every single inch of time you have spent has a reason.
  • You spoke about positivity and when you meet people, others get inspiration as they feel good about you.

While growing up, I also came to know about the endless struggles you have had to face in your initial years, but that didn’t you to stick to your rules and you fought bravely with poverty and the associated challenges arising out with.

You survived with meager income even after marriage, but the kind of support you have shown and a willingness to support each other has been tremendous.

You have valued relations more than anything else and seeing you coming of age has also shown that how relations are important and how I can consolidate them further.

I am always going to value the relations and bring positivity and joy for the world to see. And of course, I am going to follow on your footsteps so that I can also bring as successful as you have been now.

Thank you for being my mother and inspiration for not just me, but for many


Tribute speech for my father on his promotion at office

Dear Papa

You have made me proud again as a son who can’t thank you more for being a hardworking, dedicated, honest and truly inspiring figure for me in the last 20 years.

Your honest approach to the work has landed you several lucrative promotions and this has again become the most proud moment for me, when I look back and realize

How honesty, hard work and dedication can actually change the personality of an individual for better

This day has become even more special as your ethics has shown that you can’t compromise with your job.

You aren’t easy to be bribed or taken for granted and that everyone understands and respects your mettle that you are literally an iron man who understands the true meaning of what professionalism actually means.

You have also shown the doors to those who have done wrong to you in the past and that has further created a separate place for yourself in today’s world where people simply respect for who you are and what you do.

I know that you have been setting standards of professionalism with each and every passing day and seeing you touching the ladders of success has made me realize that I have to go a long way in even touching your feet.

I know that I have been so lucky to follow on your footsteps as my journey towards sticking with honesty has become easy and joyful.

Yes, challenges do come, but when I have a father who has never compromised with work related ethics then things do become easy, simplified and systematic and that’s where I have been quite blessed because of the same.

I know that people in your company, especially your colleagues would naturally have high expectations from me, because I associate with you, and this feeling has only made me stronger from within and to come with a braver and stronger force to fulfill the expectations of everyone, be it my family members, relatives or others.

Seeing you grow in the last decade has made me feel so close to what I have been dreaming to become a pilot.

The kind of attentiveness and accuracy with which you have been working all through these years has only reaffirmed the fact that yes, I can also reciprocate through the same and become a full fledged pilot in the times to come.

I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my father and telling me ways and means to be a better human being with every passing day.

I am sure, you have many more offers and promotions waiting for you and that everyone associated with you considers to be lucky for being able to get the lost charm and charisma which isn’t possible otherwise

Thanks again


4 tips to follow, if you want to improve English in the next 60 days

I am creating a concise and specific post to help English learners know the sure-cut ways of improving English within 2 months:-

Know Tenses

Tenses are the backbone for English Learners. You should know Present, Past and Future Tenses with 100% perfection

I am right now giving you one small example:-

I didn’t went (wrong)

I didn’t go (correct)

If you know tenses, then you can’t make the mistake. So, polish your tenses first. Since, with the word “DID”, we use the first form of verb

Speak in front of mirror

Mirror is your best friend. While speaking, ensure that you make eye-contact, as if to realize that you are actually talking to another individual. Your friends won’t mock you now. You don’t have to wait for them to start talking, as mirror will come handy anywhere and anytime

Learn a new word daily

Increase your vocabulary which is highly important if you want to improve your English grammar skills.

Learn atleast one word daily and create a sentence out of it on daily basis.
This will help you to know the exact definition and meaning of the word and after you have created the sentence, you will never forget that new word for sure.

Be confident

Confidence of talking is a birth trait, but it also comes when you feel good and believe yourself. So, be confident and pat yourself on your back and say, YES, I WILL MANAGE TO POLISH MY ENGLISH SKILLS COME WHAT MAY


Write a letter congratulating the school authorities for starting online classes which proves to be an effective source of education

Subject (Congratulating on the successful implementation of online classes)

Sir, I, Afzal Zaheer whole heartedly congratulate you on the immense initial response which has been garnered by the parent’s community for the online classes started by you.

There has been tremendous zeal and enthusiasm which can only create a more understanding and positive approach towards ensuring effective teaching methodology in near future.

Students are also getting their concepts clear with personal attention (if needed) and this has by far created a positive approach for taking the system to an easy and effective approach.

I am saying this because, there has been the perception and lots of apprehension with regards to online classes in terms of its feasibility.

But all of the queries, concerns and doubts seems to be slowly subsiding with the proper and practical implementation of the online classes which is indeed giving desired fruits and results for the world to see

The same story can be well echoed by the student community from different schools cutting across different cities of the world who have found a substitute to take their education forward especially in today’s current age where the pandemic has already made the lives limited to the confines of home.

As  a concerned student of your esteemed school, I once again take this opportunity to congratulate you for the overall success which our school has been specifically garnering and getting for able to continue with the course even in such difficult times, which is certainly commendable.

The reason why I am saying is that, there have been reports of few other schools which have faced the issues of lack of teaching methodology in online teaching method.

However, as a proud student of the school, all of us are upbeat and regularly studying and one only hope, that the current situation soon ends so that we can again resume our schools and the classes can be done with the same personal touch amidst the presence of natural and obvious classes which we have seen while growing up

Thanking You