(Updated) 13 tips to be fearless during Covid 19 epidemic

Hi everyone!!!!! Hope are you doing great (Say with a motivated smile

I am sure you would be driving ways to combat the pressure and tension arising out of covid-19

Well, in the online world, getting news from far and wide is no challenge as we keep on hearing the rising cases of Covid 19, how people are succumbing to the epidemic.

Yes, it is true that we end to panic due to such testing times where our known person may have tested positive and is currently recuperating. However, videos of people dying at an alarming proportion across the world are no less than a “shocker”. What’s even more is the denial of locals to not bury the “Covid 19 affected patients”.

In short, all of us are surrounded with disturbing news and we are in anxiety and panic mode, and we may tend to do things which we don’t consider it to be normal under ordinary circumstances

Knowing the relevance of Lockdown

“Lockdown” is a way to check the growing menace of the epidemic. Yes, since we as humans limit seeing each other, so the chances of transportation of virus goes down. This entails us to do the following:-

Going out for some emergency or budding essentials like vegetables, milk, medicines etc

Limiting the number of visits which we do outside by strategizing to purchasing commodities at one go

In order to be at a safer position, you should knowing the list of health related facilities nearby who treats patients arising out of Covid 19,

Things to do during “Home Isolation”

Didn’t we use to complain that we hardly get time to work from home?

Hadn’t we whined about how we dearly long for a holiday, so that we can spend time with family?

Well, I am sure, most of us would have done. Now, when we are actually getting so much of time to be at home and family, we are still complaining. Yes, it is understandable, that during such testing times, we do have to be positive and motivated. Following are the list of things which we can following as part of “Home Isolation”

  • Reading your favorite books
  • Doing things which we have grown up as part of our hobby, like drawing, painting etc
  • Make your time in “Home Isolation” as constructive by learning new skills and professionally cement your career
  • Start imparting your duties online as there are sites where you can register and sell your services
  • Remain health and fit; try to keep your belly in check with exercises right at the comforts of your home
  • Always come forth to help others at these challenging times, especially take care of elderly and children with medicines
  • For parents it is important to help your children grow in a new environment where they need to learn the following:-
  • They should learn the skills of what “Being Responsible” really means. For example, involve them in “house-hold” chores. It can be a small task of washing one little spoon after meal. But it will give instill in them where they will know that Yes, I have to make surroundings clean.
  • Help them learn new skills as well

Believe only on facts, refrain from rumors

Do you know the best way to remain calm and composed?

Have we ever found the reason why few people remain “calmer” and “motivated” than us even during epidemic?

Well, they only believe in “Reality”. Yes, the moment you will be like them and stop believing on “Rumors”, you will naturally be calmer and composed in your approach as well.

Talking about the case of Covid 19, never do the following:-

Never believe in sensational news on social media which may affect you mentally

Always believe in the news coming out of a reliable source

Never shy away from trying new things

Yes, that’s the best mantra for a constructive and positive approach and to lead a life which is full of awesomeness, dignity, respect and being faithful to your family members and when the office resumes, you know that how well you have to gel with them.

This is how you can create similar moments of love, affection and while on a professional note, camaraderie matters the most where you can surely gel together with others.

This is how you can be positive too.

Never share news without verifying the sources

Do you know that you can actually limit the negativity?

Well, yes, by stop discussing about the aftermath of Covid 19, especially like that of death and how bad the situation has become, instead focus on the positive side. Like the number of patients recovering and people giving Plasma to help others. Similarly, how you can equally contribute towards being a responsible person and spread positivity in the process

Empower others by taking necessary steps such as “Hand Hygience” and following social distancing. In this way, you won’t just save yourself, but help others as well.

There has been such a greater level of myth that “Common Cold” is corono infection. You have to take care of that. Also, when you are out, you need to follow on the etiquettes describing coughing, sneezing or spitting in public.

People who have difficulty in breathing needs to be admitted in hospital

Final thoughts

Finally, we have to put our brave emotional aspect.

Don’t we agree that a strong mind can actually help us save from anxiety and panic?

Yes, indeed and there is a growing need for us to be strong emotionally. This will have dual effect

It will save us and simultaneously give our family members enough morale supports with the stiff resistance we do.

Therefore, in such an hour of grief it is the collective responsibility to “Share and care” along with being safe and sound.


8 constructive ways to ease yourself during Covid 19

Have we even thought in our wildest of dreams that there is approaching epidemic with such a severe magnitude?

There has been such a tremendous shock wave which Covid 19 has created that it has literally engulfed people cutting across their financial background, social or religious background. Yes, after all

Who would have celebrated the new year 2020 with gusto?

Memes are doing the rounds where few can be enquiring about “Who were the people celebrating the New Year”

Well, seriously, people are hell lost, sad, depressed and what not. They don’t have jobs to survive themselves. Yes, managing things is indeed becoming hectic and “certainly not easy” during such a moment of crisis

However, let’s spread positivity and that’s what the article is going to be all about. 10 mask free ways to be motivated during Covid 19

Be motivated

Do you know the biggest remedy to feel contend with life?

Well, it is to look at the “Brighter side” or “Positive aspect of life

For ex. Look for things which you have while many others don’t

It can be a “Cozy Bed” , “House” , “The sumptuous cuisines” you have” etc

Yes, bounties of nature are immense. So, what you can do at such a challenging phase is to be positive and sayto yourself “Yes, I have got so many things to feel sasitfied, since many don’t have such luxuries of life”

There’s always something better on other side

So what, if the challenging phase is “testing your patience”, you need to pat yourself for standing tough so far and by congratulating yourself, you are going to instill further sense of motivating. Yes, this acts as a medicine to gear up as “Brighter days” are going to be within easy reach of yours

Spread positivity

Do you know what’s the most obvious characteristics which differentiates humans with animals?

Well, it is the “care” and “love” for fellow beings. The existence of humans is based on “Share and care”. Yes, the nature has given us a heart with beats for the sorrows of people. So, by helping “needy” we tend to ensure smiles of the faces of others, but also spread positivity. Yes, this creates a world of “Peace and Love”

Never complain

Do you know what’s the most basic attribute being taught to successful entrprenuers during their intial training period?

Well, it is “never complain” Yes, this fact literally instills in them a sense of confidence and even more a sense to “fight against all odds”. Yes, that’s important.

Do you know the biggest attribute of fighting against unforeseen circumstances?

Well, it is to prepare oneself mentally. Yes, it is all about “mind game”. If we are ready to fight then we ARE NEVER GOING TO COMPLAIN. Hence, due to the same, we literally win half the battle. So, prepare yourself mentally and look for the most successful people as they are also coping up with the current challenges

Be constructive

How many of us have been complaining about lack of time in our bust schedule?

I am sure many would raise their hands. However, as “unexpected” as the current situation is, it has equally threw open a positive side of honing your skills professionally and possibly seek for opportunities online.  Yes, we know that this is a digital era as loads of opportunities galore for people with respect to their specific skills and qualification.

Digitalize your skills

So, what’s stopping you to present your skills in the online arena?

Yes, for example, if you have a business of preparing unifrosm, why don’t you register yourself online especially in the classified sites where you can do the following:-

  • Tell about yourself
  • What’s your business
  • How much do your charge per uniform
  • How early you can deliver
  • Are there available discounts?
  • Can you do home service

Questions such as these will help others know about your shop. Hence, people may call you through contact number and get their orders completed

Do counseling through online/chat/phone

Do you know that there has been rising cases of suicide due to extensive depression arising out of  “No jobs”, “Ill Health”, “forced confinement at homes”

Well, as a dutiful citizen you can actually do your bit towards creating a favorable situation by coming forward and helping people in distress. Yes, exactly you can drop your number in classified sites and you can counsel others when in need.

Be safe and “save” others

Don’t you think that your health is safeguarded while you remain in the confines of your home? Well, exactly, considering the rising cases of Covid 19 and its related deaths, it has indeed become even more important to limit yourself in the house. I know it’s difficult for people, but you know what?

Not only you save yourself but do your bit in saving the society as well.