How to write a request letter for 2 days leave from online classes

Subject (Request to allow for two days leave from online classes due to attending close family function)


I , Arpit Sharma, a student of Class 5th –A has been regularly taking active part in online classes, but I need two days leave i.e. On 1st September and 2nd September, 2020.

The reason for the same is highly personal family functions where my parents and I have been invited to attend. We know how important it is to avoid social gathering especially in the wake of Covid 19, but we are sure to implement the social distancing norm by adhering to the safety norms as well.

Hadn’t it been important for my parents in today’s scenario of Covid 19. However, there are times when the real weighted of relations is counted on visiting some of the most special days where currently my cousin brother is getting married and we have to attend the same anyhow.

Although, the marriage ceremony would have taken place couple of months earlier, but to the associated lockdown, things haven;’ gone smoothly, and hence there has been delays and further delays.

However, with no sign of respite latest from Covid, in the next few months, there has been a mutual understanding from both the parties to commemorate it by maintaining all the safety norms so that this auspicious function which has been lingerig for long, can actually come to a happy conclusion

 Sir, it is therefore my request to kindly grant me leave for two days so that I can be a part of this private ceremony and also see my elder cousin brother donning the shoes as a groom.

I would also like to invite you to the wedding and I am attaching a wedding card for the same.


How to write a tribute speech to Covid 19 warriors

Covid 19 warriors – The name which even a child of four years take with lots of respect

Yes, these people who range from different fields be it medical, police or cleaners they have actually shown what and how determination and zeal can actually turn the tables towards them. Indeed!!!!

After all, Covid 19 warriors deserves standing ovation who have risked their own lives only so that we can have a peaceful life. Somewhere, our relatives, friends or acquaintance can survive,

Yes, they are the gem where words can’t describe their actual worth and how their method of working has pleasantly shocked to the core.

Yes, the whole social media has been flooded with different images where they can be seen lying literally on the floor just to take few minutes or hours nap, so that they can again gear up to operate the Covid 19 positive patients. Such a humility and heart rending picture can certainly melt the hearts of people who don’t have words to express the kind of gratitude they have been subjected to.

The post is indeed a tribute for them and also for their family who have actively backed them up towards working for such a noble cause without compromising on their own health aspect.

Had the families of the Covid 19 warriors been skeptical, they would have surely told them with a stern voice not to venture out during these times. But, the story has been pleasant different, something which re-affirms our stand on humanity and brotherhood.

The news even gains significance in today’s age, where people are thirsty for blood of one another and during these times, such incidents only re-affirms that all is not well lost for sure.

The corona warriors have shown their true selfless side, by working round the clock as most of them couldn’t manage to go to their home and owing to this reason they have temporarily made a sleeping pattern right at the comforts of their hospitals.

It is very fortunate that we are living in today’s times where Covid 19 warriors are actually there for us without any return in expectation.

They have been inspiring hundreds of thousands of others as well who want to do for the humanity.

Their selfless work has been well noted and appreciated by people across the globe, as the disease has widely spread across the length and breadth of the globe.

Their awesome motivational level and the willingness to work for the oppressed is simply an angel like action which has become the true piece of valor and awesomeness for the world to see

Final thoughts

My article directly pays tribute to them so that they continue to work for the downtrodden and oppressed Covid 19 positive patients by changing their lives.

After all, the emotional angle is so much, that for one patient, there are literally tens of relatives who are waiting outside and handling them is such a challenging time for sure.

However, the perfection with which the Covid 19 warriors have gained over the course of months has been commendable as their hard work has been changing the lives of people and one only hope and pray that  their health is safe and sound and so is the family’s one too.

Signing off, by wishing that such a challenging time may soon ends once and forever without creating lots of death and destruction

Thank You


Request letter to School to waive the fees off

The Principal

FGD School,

Y Area

X City,

Subject (A deep down request from the bottom of heart to kindly waive the school fees)


I , Pankaj Awasthi, father of Anuj Awasthi of Class 11th of your prominent school request your immediate attention to waiving off the school fees.

All the higher school authorities have been expressively demanding the school authorities towards finding an amicable solution with the parents.

Even the District administration has time and again appealed for the same, with the circulation in local newspapers.

Considering the whole scenario which has rightly created a one side approach in favor of parents, it is true that we as parents’ community should get justice immediately. This is certainly true that our interests are at stake, as most of us are out of jobs or those who do, have have half reduction in salaries.

Now, considering such a scenario, how can paying the full fees be considered as feasible especially when it is becoming difficult for parents to survive themselves with bread twice or thrice a day.

Hence, being a responsible, dutiful and honorable institution of education, even the parents who have gone to the courts have got a favorable response where the courts have categorically said that schools should consider a positive outcome by looking after the interest of parents as a whole.

This has to be primarily done with immediate effect, as few parents have complained that the name of their children has been expelled due to non payment of fees.

While still many parents are afraid to speak up the matter with the fear that their students may have to face a bleak future.

So, this is how such things are currently unfolding.

But, to all the parents, with whom I had a conversation in the past dearly want to an amicable and friendly solution to this fiasco.

If possible, they are even ready to pay half the fees as the last resort with the hope, that the future of students shouldn’t be hampered and the current fights which has been happening in media, shouldn’t deter or dishearten the students in any way.

I am also attaching a memorandum which has been collectively signed by the community of parents in this regards, just to create a unanimous approach into the same so that the school authorities whom we consider as a family can timely take decision for protecting the rights and duties of one and all.

Also, the amicable settlement can create a positive environment while in the long run, the prestige of the school can certainly be enhanced in view of parents who can surely feel that how school has stood out to help them in need and it will only bring more business in terms of new admissions in the next session as well

Thanking You


How to write a tribute speech for a sister on her death anniversary

The love of siblings can be regarded as the purest one. Since, this relation is accompanied with naughtiness, childish acts, fun, and frolic and of course fights and abuses as well.

Yes, anyone can agree to the traits of how the friendship between siblings are like.

Well, I am no exception as well. Unfortunately, my sister is no more and with her passing, all the fun, quarrel and fights have ended once and forever.

Yes, now, I realize my fault as to why I have been so stubborn to her.

In fact, I really feel apologetic, as to what made me so cruel to her. I do confess that I have taken undue advantages of her, as she being younger to me; I sometimes tried to control her and took larger share of eatables etc.

However, the reality is I never knew that life will turn so much for us.

My eyes may be dried with tears, but not my heart. It still weeps and pounds for her.

She has been the best sister whom I used to dearly love and cherish every moment.

I feel hollow in her absence, but I have to put stronger self for my parents as I know that I have to console them for the loss or else crossing the advanced age, it is going to become difficult for them to face the consequences.

Now, I am stronger than ever before. Similarly, I am matured from the times when I thought naughtiness and fun acts are enough to lead a life. Now, I know the importance of values, respect and importantly, the greatest importance of relations.

One has to really give them the highest regard or else it is no use to repent later on.

No matter, which ever part of the world, she is in, I am sure she is in a much better place and looking down at us with happiness.

She may have switched the continent, but she will continue to live in our hearts forever.

I feel that the loss for my parents has been the biggest than me, even though I can’t in any way undermine my own loss which obviously can’t be shared or expressed in mere words.

So, I take full responsibility in cheering my parents and try to make up for the loss which they have already suffered, by of course controlling myself in the process.

Her naughtiness, actions, fun and childish acts are still fresh in my memory and the best I try not to express the same in front of my parents as they tend to weep and cry in hiding. Yes, once I have seen them crying in my absence and that’s the moment, I realized that I have to make them the happiest and proudest parents of the world.

In fact they try to control their emotions so that I don’t take clue from them, while the reality is I equally try to control mine, just to make them happy.

This is how the relations have blossomed and before I conclude, I am still remorseful of why I have been so stubborn that I used to tease her. Had I known the limited time I am going to have with my sister, things would have been far different.

Thank You


How to write a tribute speech to a friend who is no more

There are times when we realize the actual importance of someone ONLY, in his/her absence.

Yes, that’s exactly what has happened to me.

Yes, I lost my dear friend who has been a part and parcel of my life.

We joined the same class, shared lunch together in school, celebrated family functions together, always stood for each other and even bunked the class together.

Yes, believe it or not, we used to take leave from school on the same day and once it did happen that I couldn’t inform him about my leave, and he was really very angry.  

Upon reaching the school, he has to actually derive ways and means to take leave and he faked a cramp on his leg just to take leave for the day.

Well, that has well explained the kind of awesome friendship we actually had and celebrated in our long school years of 12.

We never had any remorse unlike other friendships where people do have ups and down, but not us

We were like, “We were made for this friendship” and this only blossomed with every passing day in leaps and bounds.

Now, as I continue to write, tears start to roll down on my cheeks as this friendship got an abrupt end and this has really made saddened to the core. Since, he met with an accident

Yes, no words can describe the extent of trauma, dissatisfaction, anxiety, problems and abnormalities which have literally surrounded me.

It is in fact costing my life, but I have to show my stronger side and create a positive background, not only for myself, but also for his family, who has been his everything.

This true gesture of our friendship will remain in my memory for ever and still every single incident which I remember creates promising times where I tell myself, “Anil, where ever you are, you are in a much better place and that you will be looking at me with pride”. I want you to be happy, and that’s exactly is the reason, why I remain happier, so that when you look down at me, you will feel that yes, your friend is still great in life.

I am sure, that when my life will end, I am going to meet you and celebrate the friendship at another level. That place may not be like this, but it will be much better, as I am very sure about it.

You may have died from the world, but for your parents, siblings, friends including me, you will continue to live with every passing day

The very same accident where you breathed your last won’t be enough to partake you and me forever. We are going to meet once again very soon, hopefully hereafter.

This piece of my emotional letter has been a tribute for you to commemorate friendship and to cherish the times, we have spent together.

I timely visit your parents and give them solace from the deep loss, they have faced and the best thing is that they are now coping up from the trauma, by instilling a braver front which to me is the characteristic of the bravest parents of the world.

Thank You


How to write a tribute speech for a grandmother on her death anniversary

Dear Nani

Tears roll down my cheeks like a constant thin stream of water, the moment I remember your fragile hands with everlasting smiles.

Yes, you were full of life and exuberance. You lived each and every single moment of life and your lively , bubbly, childish and sometimes naughty nature still inspire me to be like you.

You gave me various reasons to lead a life by sticking to ethics and that gave you complete peace of mind (with no serious ailment) even at the advanced age of 90+ years.

You ‘were’, ‘is’ and ‘will be’ an inspiration for all the people who sometimes feel demoralized, disheartened and certainly try to end life.

You gave me reasons to live life with dignity

You are the reason why I am still living with great motivation, energy and will power.

I can proudly say that no challenge can overpower my determination and make me weak enough.

I can also relate to how extensively you stick towards helping those in need, as it gave you inner satisfaction, zeal and peace of mind.

Now, that you are no more, your words, actions and smiles still linger in my mind, as if it were yesterday.

I remember you on your death anniversary as the lady with “iron thought process”

You know how extensively you have faced challenges in your initial years from poverty and that has made you stronger from within.

You have lived life in highly distress as well as that has made you stronger with every passing year


To me you have been an open book which has really changed my life for better.

You have given me reasons to feel blessed and happy by counting the bounties of nature and the very thought of the same has in itself instilled me inner peace and tranquility

You may have died, but your thoughts and those little but important pieces of advices will always remain etched in my memory for ever

You were the reason why the bond between my parents was stronger than ever before and that has made my upbringing even more systematic and beautiful.

All of my family proudly remembers you on this sad  day when you breathed your last

Your life has been full of struggles and how you overcome the same has been such an inspiration that I am not just going to follow myself, but equally I will be sharing the secrets to my off springs.

I always remember you in your prayers since I know that you will be watching me from above. I may not able to do likewise, but here’s my nani who will be feeling proud because I have chosen the right path which will surely going to give you inner peace and happiness.

Indeed, it is a spiritual thing, that as you are happy and watching us from above, this indeed makes me equally happier. My instinct and soul is going to be the happiest and there is no denying about the same too.


(Updated) Why you should not be worried before giving interview

Do you know that your physical traits count a lot in the eyes of interviewer?
Yes, I am specifically pointing out the nervousness or anxiety which creates such an awkward position in the face of interviewer where you don’t even realise

As an interviewer myself, I can confidently say that many people in the interview room mistake the following actions:-

  • Fidgeting of nails
  • Setting hair too much out of nervousness
  • Biting the tip of fingers
  • Looking down at the show laces
  • Tying to itch the belly or other parts
  • Folding hands tights
  • Looking above at the direction of ceiling
  • Stammering
  • Speaking in a slow tone
  • Not making eye contacts
  • Trying to tell a lie and making up for it, which turn out to be totally useless and meaningless
  • Creating an impression that they know everything, but when grilled they can’t justify the same, so they become dishonest in the eyes of the interviewer
  • Holding teeth tights due to anxiety
  • Not making customer smile right at the time of meeting the first time
  • Not asking for permission to sit while entering the room
  • Not able to keep confidence when asked a tricky query
  • Creating such a negative vibe with red face which at once put the minds of the interviewer off
  • Not well versed with grammar
  • Can’t justify the salary when being asked about “What’s your salary expectations?”
  • Trying to outdo the interviewer with a fake smile and trying to show off in the last final moments
  • Speak bad about the last organization for whom the interviewee worked
  • Creating a hollow and true unprofessional vibe right from entering till exit

Now, based on the above tips, let me ask you

Are you really looking for an expert help, regarding the choicest of reasons not to worry?

If yes, then this post is for you.

We know that the interview is an important, crucial, big and decisive phase in the life of an individual. Yes and the feeling of associated worries are all but natural as no one can deny about it. However, inspite of being surrounded with such things, it is highly recommended to maintain the level of calmness which you started to adopt after giving your Class 10th boards or Class 12th boards.

Co-relate the interview phase with the most challenging times of yours

Yes, as you ask this query to yourself, your inner self will in all probability give you the answer. Believe me, challenges come and go, and so is the failure but what’s important is to build on the mistakes and don’t let failure sink in. Or else, you are going to create a death knell for yourself, without even realizing the kind of sufferings or damages you are inflicting to yourself.

Relate the time of interview which you are going to give with something more challenging than what you have either faced especially with coping up of your mathematics exams or learning long answers for your history exam. When you can successfully pass those times of your life in style, then you can very well be able to give an interview (which is comparably easy)

Your confidence is going to get a boost, if you have fluent English

Remember, that if you own a quality and awesome English, then there is something to cheer about. Yes, believe me, not many in these times have great English like you. So, in all probability, that would act as a stepping stone for increasing greater chance to success where you won’t even realize the kind of awesomeness you are going to experience for yourself,

If you are a great orator, then it is a plus point

If you are a friendly person with great quality English, then mark my words, you have nothing to worry. Yes, as an interviewer myself, I have seen candidates who seem to answer queries very confidently, where they equally have smile on their faces and it is these traits, which matters towards enhancing their personality, like never before.

Yes, after all, it is just that the first “action” of any new thing which occurs to us, and is surrounded with loads of chaos and concern, but sooner that challenging phase passes, then it “literally” becomes normal much to our happiness.

What I need to learn from the above post

Likewise, the interview also holds that crucial phase and time in the person’s life which has to be created and woven with calmness of mind and the smartness of brain. Failure to which, we will only be subjected to unnecessary tensions, worries and loads of concerns where we are going to tax our mind, without realizing the kind of psychological effect it will do, towards harming us personally.

It is these sorts of phases where some of us experience damage to our personality beyond repair and the reflection of being sad or being introvert continue to cast its shadow throughout our lives.

However, all of that is going to be a history.

You just need to ask yourself,

“Why I don’t need to be worried now?”


Sushant Singh’s sister pens emotional letter :- Heart Touching

It has taken great pains for Sushant Singh’s sister Shweta to come to terms of her brother’s untimely death.

She has been fighting herself internally while coming to reality with the actual incident which has shocked everyone to the core.

She fondly remembered her brother on Rakshabandhan where she said that she has everything in place in terms of Aarti Lamp, Rakhi, the Plate, except for her brother.

The throwback picture which she shared can potentially make anyone emotional to the core. She was standing with her little brother and how her life after 35 years have literally changed for worse.

She dearly missed her brother this Rakshabandhan as she would have never thought about how she can possibly be left alone without a brother forever.

Shweta and Rani, two proud sisters were left without a brother and when this reporter came to their house, a palpable emotional side was clearly visible. Understandably, the festival of Rakshabandhan which is an event to commemorate the affection between a brother and sister, the loss can never be reciprocated for sure.

However, only time can potentially heal their hollowness, as one hope so

Advice for those who are feeling low

It is also true that one should pave the way to be a stronger self and fight against all odds, come what may. Yes, one should never succumb to pressure as it will only result in creating a death knell. So, for those who are feeling low, here’s an advice to never feel that way. Cheer up and be brave and think of positivity. Talk to your friends and family and try to be in company with your loved ones


Emotional letter from a dying Covid positive father to his daughter


You have always been my life and I cherish every single moment spent with you. As luck would have it, I have caught up with the current disease which is creating havoc in such a devastating proportion world over.

I know that my immunity level has considerably gone down due to the previous “heart related disease”. Hence, the doctors have termed me to be extremely serious.
As much I want to live, it seems that destiny has something else in store for me which can’t be stopped for sure.

However, you don’ have to worry. Take every decision in life with great ponderation like the way you have been making previously.
I know that you are a brave girl and I have tried to instill few things in your for coming up even stronger than ever before.

Kindly, work to your fullest and live every single moment, even if I am not there in the world.

Neelu, after the loss of your mother, you have been my strength and I seriously appreciate and thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.

Don’t let cowardice overpower you. You have to be stronger than ever before now in my absense as I don’t know how far I am going to survive given the current situation.

Take care of your younger brother, it seems as if he is too young to understand things right now

Lots of love and cheers


Find mistakes He didn’t went / He didn’t go

I didn’t eat banana

I didn’t ate banana